Learn Toolbag 4

Watch the Full Series

Toolbag is installed and you’re ready to dive in. Where to begin? Check out our Learn Toolbag 4 video series to learn how Toolbag’s rendering and presentation tools will help make your art shine.

Toolbag Hotkey Guide

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Getting Started With Viewer

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Go Advanced

Advanced Tutorials

Learn more about Toolbag’s texture baking process, and learn how to extend Toolbag to meet your production needs with custom shaders, plug-ins, and an extensive Python integration.

Toolbag Baking Tutorial

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Python Scripting For Toolbag 3

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Learn by Example

Learning directly from your peers is a powerful tool. We host an ever-increasing collection of artist interviews and asset breakdowns to help you better understand the creative processes behind featured artwork in the community.

Character Art Tutorials
Environment Art Tutorials
Hard Surface Tutorials

Creating and Rendering Photorealistic Environment Art in Toolbag

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How to Create Realistic Hair, Peach Fuzz, and Eyes

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Baking A Hard Surface Weapon in Toolbag

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