Rendering in Toolbag

3D Real-Time Physically-Based Rendering


Toolbag’s real-time renderer is seriously speedy leveraging the power of your GPU to provide lighting, material, and scene editing on the fly with immediate results.

Physically-Based Rendering

Toolbag’s industry-standard PBR system assures you’ll capture rich, natural renders of your artwork across multiple lighting and material styles.

A lightweight yet powerful system for lookdev and final rendering.

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art by Ryan Bullock


Image-Based Lighting

A single click will fully illuminate your scene with natural, real-world lighting based on any HDRI of your choice.

Sky presets are at your disposal, or opt for another lighting environment from one of our Pano Packs, or any 3rd-party HDRI of your choice.

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Real-Time Global Illumination

Say goodbye to pre-processing and long wait times! Toolbag’s real-time Global Illumination will transform your scenes with a click of a button. Bring realism to your scene with bounced diffused light and specular reflections.


Scene Effects

Beauty comes from the finer details. Cascaded Shadow Maps will prioritize shadow detail for areas near the camera, and render features like Ambient Occlusion and Fog add an atmospheric and cohesive feel to any scene.

Camera & Post Effects

Elevate your artwork using Toolbag’s camera and post effects system. Create filmic-style renders with Curves and Tone Mapping, accentuate your portraits using Depth of Field, and top things off with Vignette and Grain.

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