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Discover Toolbag’s free asset library!

This time-saving feature offers hundreds of Marmoset-made skies, materials, textures, and presets to assist in creating high-quality artwork and streamlining your workflow.

Diverse Materials

Our growing collection of base materials has been carefully calibrated with real-world material properties.

For your rendering and texturing needs, a variety of metals, plastics, fabrics, skin, and more are all a click away.

Panoramic Views

Take your scene around the world with our vast collection of HDRI Skies.

Hundreds of indoor and outdoor lighting environments at your disposal make capturing the right look and feel of your 3D lighting setup a breeze. 


Smart Materials

Use the Library’s growing collection of Smart Materials to quickly apply commonly-used effects to any mesh.

Customize your own smart materials and save to the Library for easy access with a drag-and-drop of your layer stack.


Toolbag’s library hosts dozens of high-quality brush textures for painting organic strokes and mechanical stamp effects alike.

Each brush texture contains multiple frames for added variance while painting effects.

Grunge Maps

Apply wear and tear to assets rapidly using grunge maps. Layer up dust, leaks, scratches, and stain maps with full control over their intensity and blending modes.

Latest Library Updates

Curate Your Collection

In addition to the hundreds of presets available, Toolbag’s Library can seamlessly manage your custom-made content.

  • Import content from other 3D services
  • Drag-and-drop brushes, materials, masks, and more into the Library for quick saving

  • Apply color labels to assets to keep your favorite content front and center

  • Teams can sync assets from a shared repository for easy access by all


Looking for Toolbag 3 installers? Check out the Version History page.

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