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Scene Editing

Creative control made easy in Toolbag

Craft Your Scene

Import your meshes and arrange, light, and stage your scene all within Toolbag’s scene editor, or drop in a pre-existing scene setup from your 3D package of choice.

Material Creation

Toolbag supports physically-accurate shading models assuring leading-edge quality in realistic and stylized rendering.

Modular Material Setup

Toolbag takes a modular approach to setting up shaders that is clean and robust. Material templates preserve shading models specific to your target engine and production environment, making previewing materials easy and accurate.

Explore the possibilities with Refraction module for glass, Anisotropic Reflection for hair, Subsurface Scatter for compelling skin.

Getting to Know Toolbag

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art by Lim Jaegil

Animation Support

Create action-packed sequences using Toolbag’s flexible animation system. Import animations, keyframe nifty camera sequences, or simply add a Turntable object to your scene for a quick 360° export.

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