Texturing in Toolbag

Real-Time 3D Material Creation

3D Painting in Action

Real-time 3D painting and direct editing of materials inside the 3D viewport have never felt this breezy. Paint gradients and perfectly straight lines, swiftly rotate and scale textures, drag-and-drop materials with ease, and add a personal touch using fully customizable brushes.


Flood Fill


Color Sampler

art by Anton Kozlov concept art by Kyoung Hwan Kim

Calibrated For You

Toolbag’s texturing system works in perfect synchronization with our industry-standard physically-based renderer, providing a complete solution for you to create and calibrate the highest-quality materials for your games, film, 3D visualization, and more.

Infinite Layering

Discover a world of infinite possibility with Toolbag’s unrestricted layering hierarchy. Stack and mask any layer type to paint complex materials in a completely non-destructible workflow.

Keep your work organized by grouping, merging, and rasterizing your layers. Changed your mind about a layer? Switch gears and convert your layer type without compromising your art.

Layer Types


Pixel perfect painting with complete creative control


Swiftly block out base materials


Add seamless random variation in a 3D space


Fine-tune editing with blur effects, gradient maps, and color corrections


Generate organic wear and tear and texture build-up

Work Smart

Make use of the Library’s Smart Materials collection to quickly lay down a base for more elaborate material work.

These carefully-crafted preset layer stacks adapt weathering effects to the unique surface qualities of any mesh. Customize any Smart Material to suit your needs, or create your own and save to the Library for your own reusable, bespoke effects.

Unified Baking & Texturing

Link your Bake Projects and Texture Projects to keep your content changes up to date in real-time.

Baked ID maps control material assignments, and surface and lighting maps drive processors to quickly generate weathering effects.

Texturing Resources Galore

Excited to get up and running with texturing in Toolbag, but don’t know where to start?

Check out these resources to help get you going.

art by Linus Tegelbratt

Free Asset Library

Use Toolbag’s free asset Library to source hundreds of materials, smart materials, skies, brush textures, and more without point-based or monthly download limits. Check out our full Library page for more information.

Texture Project Specifications

Key Features

  • Real-Time 3D Painting

  • Customizable Brushes

  • Non-Destructive Layering

  • Layer Masking

  • Layer Grouping, Color Coding, and Rasterization

  • Bake Project Live-Link

  • Brush & Layer Projection Modes

  • Free Asset Library (Materials, Smart Mats, Brushes, Grunges, & more)

Project Settings

  • Up to 8192 x 8192 Resolution

  • UV Padding customization

  • Adjustable Viewport / Preview Resolutions

  • Left/Right-Handed Tangent Orientation

  • Metalness & Specular PBR Workflows

  • 27 Input Map types supported

  • 21 Project Map types supported

Painting Tools

  • Paint Brush

    • Symmetry
    • Lazy Mouse
    • Straight-Line Painting
    • Stylus Controls (Pressure, Tilt, Fade)
  • Eraser

  • Gradient

  • Flood Fill

  • Stencil Mode

  • Color Picker w/ Multi-Channel Sampling

Input Maps

  • Rectangle

  • Ellipse

  • Lasso

  • Polygon

  • Magic Wand

  • Mesh selection by Object, Face, & UV Island

  • AO

  • Albedo

  • Bump

  • Cavity

  • Curvature

  • Emissive

  • Fuzz

  • Glint / Glint Roughness

  • Gloss

  • Group ID / Material ID / Object ID / UV Island

  • Height

  • Metalness

  • Normal / Normal Object

  • Refraction Depth

  • Roughness

  • Sheen / Sheen Roughness

  • Specular

  • Thickness

  • Transmission Mask

  • Transparency

  • Custom

Layer Types

  • Paint

  • Adjustment

    • Blur
    • Curves
    • Gradient Map
    • Hue / Saturation
    • Invert
    • Levels
    • Sharpen
  • Fill

  • Input Processor

    • Color Selection
    • Curvation
    • Direction
    • Dirt
    • Height
    • Occlusion
    • Scratch
    • Thickness
  • Groups

  • Procedural

    • Cellular
    • Checkered
    • Clouds
    • Gradient
    • Perlin
    • Tiles
    • Turbulence
    • Voronoi

Output Settings

  • Up to 8192 x 8192 resolution

  • Export by project or individual map

  • RGB, RGBA, and Grayscale

  • Custom texture packing per channel


  • 8, 16 Bits/Channel Supported


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