Texturing in Toolbag

Real-Time 3D Material Creation

Editing in 3D

Author physically accurate materials with synchronous editing of all texture maps in real-time. Whether your target style is realism or stylized, Toolbag’s texturing tools will meet the demands of your modern content creation workflow.

art by Anton Kozlov concept art by Kyoung Hwan Kim

Calibrated For You

Toolbag’s industry standard physically-based rendering and Texture Project system provide a complete solution for you to create and calibrate materials for your target game engine or rendering platform.

Infinite Layering

Texturing in Toolbag provides a non-destructive workflow with a flexible layering system.

Unrestricted parent-child hierarchies allow for detail isolation, while masking can be applied to any layer type in the stack.

Layer Types


Pixel perfect painting with complete creative control


Swiftly block out base materials


Add seamless random variation in a 3D space


Fine-tune editing with filters and color corrections


Generate organic wear and tear and texture build-up

Terrific Tools

Paint with precision and create organic strokes and mechanical details alike with the customizable brush system. Make live selection adjustments in 3D and UV space, and lay down the broad strokes with Gradient and Flood Fill tools.

Unified Baking & Texturing

Link your Bake Projects and Texture Projects to keep your content changes up to date in real-time.

Baked ID maps control material assignments, and surface and lighting maps drive processors to quickly generate weathering effects.

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Asset Library

Toolbag comes with free access to an immense library of materials, skies, brush textures, and more for extra ease in your workflow. Check out our full Library page for more information.

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