Rendering Materials in Toolbag for Portfolio Presentation

Rendering Materials in Toolbag for Portfolio Presentation

Renowned material artist Daniel Thiger has released a video tutorial that explains how you can create awesome portfolio renders using Toolbag. The tutorial focuses on scene setup, lighting, and using Toolbag’s features to

Rendering Realistic Clothing and Armor Materials in Toolbag

Find out how to create and set up realistic materials for a wide range of surfaces in Toolbag with Paul Widelski. Paul breaks down various material types such as velvet, metal, leather, and demonstrates how to create elegant renders of his character.

Rendering Sci-Fi Environments in Toolbag

Learn how to render atmospheric sci-fi environments with Alexander Alza. Alexander discussed composition, modeling, and broke down the render settings and lighting setup for the scene.

Real-Time Character Design, Creation, and Presentation Breakdown

Learn how to create real-time characters and render them in Toolbag 3 with William Paré-Jobin. William demonstrates the process of sculpting, modeling, and how to set up the scene and lighting in Toolbag 3.

Creating and Rendering Photorealistic Environment Art in Toolbag

Learn how to render photorealistic environments in Toolbag with Walid Kaskhoussi Perrussel. Walid explains how to create a wood materials and how he used Toolbag 3’s lighting and post processing features to bring the scene to life.

Getting To Know Hexels Ep. 2 – Pixel Painting & New Brush System

Getting To Know Hexels Ep. 2 – Pixel Painting & New Brush System

Follow along as we show you how to combine vector and pixel art tools to create an isometric birthday party, use organic brushes to paint a beautiful portrait, and draw complex designs using radial symmetry.

Lighting and Presenting Animated Characters with Georgian Avasilcutei

Georgian Avasilcutei broke down how he used Toolbag 3 to light and present his character for Artstation’s Wild West challenge.

Creating Stellar Renders of the ISS using Toolbag 3

Find out how Toolbag was used by Gianpietro Fabre to create fantastic still renders of his International Space Station.