Creating Real-Time Renders of a Goblin in Toolbag

Learn how to render a goblin in Toolbag with Felipe Chaves. Felipe broke down how to bake textures and set up materials, as well as how to light and create a camera setup for the final render.

Marmoset Toolbag | 2020 Showcase

Marmoset Toolbag | 2020 Showcase

Get ready to be inspired by the all-new Marmoset Toolbag showcase. The video highlights a set of artists that have demonstrated keen artistic and technical abilities, helping push the creative possibilities of Toolbag in rendering their 3D character, environment, and weapon art.

Lighting and Rendering Guns in Toolbag

Find out how you can light and render a gun in Toolbag with Emre Karabacak. Emre showed how to set up materials, light, and present a MAC-10.

Level Up Your Character Presentation With Animation In Toolbag

Learn how to step up your character presentation game with Antoine Dupuis. Antoine demonstrated how he used Toolbag to create dramatic animated renders of his King Arthur character.

Character and Material Setup in Marmoset Toolbag

Discover how Toolbag was used to create Annabel, a 3D character by Anton Kozlov. Anton breaks down his entire process, covering topics such as modeling, texturing, lighting, and presentation.

How to Set Up Theatrical Lighting in Toolbag

How to Set Up Theatrical Lighting in Toolbag

Learn how to create different lighting scenarios for your character in Toolbag with Danny Williams.

Creating a 2.5D Hand-Painted Cat Shop

Angelina Diez demonstrated how she used Toolbag to help create adorable renders of her 2.5D hand-painted cat shop. Angelina broke down her modeling, texturing, and lighting process and used Marmoset Viewer to enhance her purresentation.

Creating a Holographic Animation in Toolbag

Creating a Holographic Animation in Toolbag

Learn how to create a holographic animated texture for a sci-fi crate with Juan Hernandez.

Marmoset’s Favorite Retrogasm 2019 Submissions Rendered in Toolbag

Take a look at some of our favorite Retrogasm 2019 submissions rendered in Toolbag and presented with Viewer.

Using Hexels to Create a Pixel Art Game

Using Hexels to Create a Pixel Art Game

Christopher Mathes discussed how he used Hexels to create pixel artwork for Moonrise Fall, his atmospheric exploration game. Christopher demonstrated how he painted modular assets using Pixel Layers and Brushes, and how to export assets using the Frame Tool.

Quixel Mixer Contest Winners Announced!

The winners of the Quixel Mixer Style Swap Challenge have just been announced! Check out the fantastic winning submissions as well as the honorable mentions.

Marmoset’s Favorite King Arthur Submissions Rendered in Toolbag

Check out some of the phenomenal submissions in the latest Artstation Challenge rendered in Toolbag

Creating In-Game Style Concepts With Toolbag

Learn how to create in-game style renders using Toolbag with Cody Alday. Cody demonstrates how to create a parallax-style UI overlay, incorporate character and camera animations, and set up an environment.