Creating a Video Presentation Using Toolbag

Creating a Video Presentation Using Toolbag

Jonathan Benainous used Toolbag 3 to create a video presentation for his GDC talk that showcases a stellar selection of materials. Read all about his process on how he set up scenes, materials, and animations in Toolbag.

Vertex Hair Shader

Vertex Hair Shader

We’ve added a Vertex Hair shader to our Toolbag Add-On Library by Cody Alday. This shader utilizes vertex color channels to mask out areas and gives the user the ability to specify a color and the strength of the effect.

Painting A Character With Lighting in Toolbag

Juras Rodionovas broke down how he used Toolbag to present his friendly ogre. Juras explained how he set up his scene and materials, as well as how to apply traditional lighting methods using Toolbag’s real time lighting system.

Translating a 2D concept into real-time 3D art

Learn how to present a stylized skeleton warrior in Toolbag with Ackeem Durrant. Ackeem breaks down his pipeline from the blockout stages, to baking and creating the final renders in Toolbag.

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Our May Day sale is back! For 3 days only, you can save up to 60% on everything in our store. Act now and save big on Marmoset software.

Free Update: Toolbag 3.07

We’ve just released version 3.07, the latest free update for Marmoset Toolbag. For this release, we’ve focused on Python functionality, baker stability, added support for the latest Substance file format, and have fixed

Artstation Offline Portfolio with Marmoset Viewer Support

Artstation have just announced a major update to their Artstation App which allows artists to present their portfolio offline, including opening Marmoset Viewer scenes and showcasing their work in a matter of seconds

Marmoset Toolbag | GDC 2019 Showcase

Marmoset Toolbag | GDC 2019 Showcase

We’re proud to present the 2019 edition of our GDC Showcase series. Artists around the world continue to push the boundaries of Toolbag and achieve incredible real-time renders. We would like to thank all of the phenomenal artists who made this Showcase possible, and to you, the community, for continuing to support Marmoset.

Rendering a Cinematic Diorama in Toolbag

Learn how to render a cinematic character art diorama in Toolbag with Zrinko Kozlica. Zrinko discusses why Toolbag was his renderer of choice and demonstrates how to set up lighting, cameras, and perfect post production.

Stylized Character Presentation in Toolbag

Yulia Sokolova discussed how she created and rendered her stylized Samurai in Toolbag. Yulia focused on texturing and material creation, lighting, scene setup, and capturing beautiful portfolio renders.

Rendering Real Time Lace Materials in Toolbag

Moa Alfredsson broke down her approach for rendering intricate lace materials in Toolbag. Moa discussed sculpting, texturing and material setups, as well as lighting and presenting the final renders.

Marmoset + Polycount Meetup GDC 2019

Marmoset is hosting the Polycount GDC Meetup for the 5th year running! Join us for donuts, drinks, awesome artwork, free swag, and great conversation with some of the industry’s best artists.

Baking A Hard Surface Weapon in Toolbag

Ben Armstrong showed his methods for baking and presenting a hard surface weapon in Toolbag. Ben broke down different subdivison modeling techniques and explained how to correct cages for baking in Toolbag.