Hexels Support

Here you can find answers to many common Hexels support questions.

If you have further Hexels-related queries please don’t hesitate to write us at hexels@marmoset.co.


I’m not receiving activation emails. Help!2020-07-27T11:46:11-05:00

If you’re having trouble receiving trial activation or license transfer emails, the first thing you should do is check your spam folder. You may also need to add “noreply@lic.marmoset.co” to any safe-sender lists in your email service or network security software. Then try logging into Toolbag or Hexels once again with your Marmoset ID to resend your new trial or license transfer messages.

Is there a trial version?2020-07-22T18:56:02-05:00

Yes, a fully featured 14 day trial is available. To start your trial, download the installer here.

Where Do I Find My Marmoset ID?2020-07-22T18:57:43-05:00

Your Marmoset ID is the email address you used when originally purchasing Marmoset Hexels (it will be listed on your email confirmation). If you’re installing the trial, you will create your Marmoset ID by simply entering your email address into the prompt when starting the software.

License Transfers2020-07-22T18:58:06-05:00

Hexels 2 and Hexels 3 licenses are assigned to the email address you specified at the time of purchase: your Marmoset ID. If you wish to move your license from one machine to another, simply install the appropriate version of Hexels on the new computer and log into the software using your Marmoset ID.

You will be asked for your email address – enter it, and follow the authorization link that arrives in your inbox. Once this is done, the new computer will be authorized. You may transfer your license as often as you like, even between OS X and Windows.

“Cannot Connect To License Server”2020-07-22T18:58:49-05:00

If you receive this message when opening the software, check that you have the most recent version installed. The latest installers are always available directly from the Hexels page.

Note: Make sure to install to the default location on your system drive. If not installed to the default location, please re-install and try running the software again.

Check also that your firewall and antivirus are allowing inbound/outbound connections for Hexels – manual exceptions may need to be added. The software will connect to the licensing server through “lic.marmoset.co” over HTTP with SSL.

Still no luck? Send us an email making sure to specify your current OS and the firewall/antivirus software you are running.


MacOS Mojave Users2020-07-27T14:13:09-05:00

There was a known issue with the macOS Mojave update, version 10.14. The latest macOS upgrade could cause a hard crash on some Mac devices, 2013 to 2016 models, running on Intel graphics chipsets. Update: We have fixed the crash! Download the latest full installer from the top of the product page: Download Hexels.

What Are Hexels’ System Requirements?2020-07-22T18:56:18-05:00

PC: 64-bit version of Windows 7 or newer is required. Hexels has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 desktops laptops, netbooks, and Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Users of the Surface Pro 3 have had some success, though stylus input quirks have been reported.

On Mac: OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer is required. Hexels has been tested on a variety of Macs running OS X 10.6.8 to 10.11.1.

A graphics card with driver support for OpenGL 2.1 is also required. This includes most hardware by Apple, Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA from 2007 onward.

On Which Platforms Is Hexels Available?2020-07-22T19:00:12-05:00

Hexels is available for Mac and Windows. There is no official Linux version, but we have heard reports of Hexels running under the Wine emulator (read the additional comments here). There are no immediate plans for Android or iOS versions. If you’d like to see Hexels on a particular platform, let us know by emailing hexels@marmoset.co.

Does Hexels Support High DPI Displays?2020-07-22T19:00:25-05:00

The user interface supports high DPI displays such as Apple’s Retina, Microsoft’s Surface and others, however, for performance reasons the canvas is not drawn at full resolution.

Does Hexels Support Drawing Tablets?2020-07-22T19:00:41-05:00

Yes! Hexels supports tablets, and you can choose between several different pressure modes. To enable pressure sensitivity, first draw on the canvas with your stylus (Hexels requires initial tablet input to display the pressure options), and then choose the desired pressure mode from the Pen Pressure drop-down in the brush options.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Wacom tablet, try uninstalling your Wacom drivers and installing the latest drivers from Wacom. If problems persist and you’re using Windows, try disabling the Tablet PC Input Service, detail instructions can be found here.

Microsoft Surface tablet users may need to install Microsoft’s WinTab drivers on their device in order to use pressure sensitivity in Hexels.

Can I Create Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys?2020-07-22T19:01:00-05:00

Hexels does not support customization of hotkeys at this time, but check out our official Hexels Hotkey Guide.


Download Troubles2020-11-10T19:34:05-06:00

Often times PC security tools or antivirus software can conflict with downloading software. If you have troubles downloading the Toolbag installer:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is stable, and does not have any service interruptions at the moment.
  2. Temporarily disable any 3rd party antivirus or PC security tools
  3. Temporarily disable any 3rd party download managers in use.
  4. Clear your browser’s cache.
  5. Try the download again.
  6. If this doesn’t work, try the download link in a different web browser.