Baking in Toolbag

High-res precision Texture Baking in real-time

Real-Time 3D Preview

Toolbag’s GPU-powered baker makes texture baking fast and easy. Preview your adjustments to the baker in real-time and tweak settings on the fly.

Artist-Friendly Baking Tools

Following standard naming conventions, meshes auto-sort into Bake Groups to achieve perfectly clean bakes, isolating high and low poly meshes per object.

Precision and Control

Refine your bakes with Skew and Offset painting tools.

Offset painting gives you the ability to sculpt your cage with precision to best suit your mesh. Skew map painting allows you to fix errors in projection direction, previewing each change in real-time.

“Toolbag is my baker of choice. I really like the flexibility and the level of control that it provides.”

-Dmitry Danylenko

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High Resolution Mesh Support

Toolbag’s Baker is built to handle what you’re ready to throw at it. Bake high-resolution character sculpts and complex hard surface models direct from your modeling package of choice.

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Maps Galore

Supporting a wide array of surface, lighting, material, and ID map types makes Toolbag’s Baker a flexible solution that will fit your personal workflow and production pipeline.

Bake it all, or only what you need.


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