Teaching with Toolbag

Game-Changing 3D Tools for Students

Toolbag’s industry-standard 3D tools equip your students with the knowledge and skills to propel them into a successful creative career.

Stop the Software Hop

Long gone are the days of steep learning curves in multiple software packages. Keep your students focused on 3D art creation with Toolbag’s lightweight and easy-to-use tools to bake, paint, and render assets in the same software. These synchronized workflows combined with the familiar UI make for a stress-free learning experience.

To top it all off, Toolbag 4 comes with a free built-in Library with access to hundreds of base materials, smart materials, brushes, and more to save time.




Scene Editing

Free Library

Students Today, Pros Tomorrow

3D industry standards for art production evolve quickly, and Toolbag will be there with latest tools to help every student prepare for an array of professional 3D artist opportunities:

  • Environment Artist

  • Character Artist

  • Technical Artist

  • VFX Artist

  • 3D Generalist

  • Material Artist

  • 3D Rendering Specialist

Flexible Licensing

Access From Anywhere

No physical location restrictions. Web-based authentication allows students and staff to access the software while traveling or studying from home, office, or classroom.

Simple User Management

Full control to deploy licenses for shared use in labs and classrooms, or (re)assign licenses to specific students and staff as needed.

Always Up To Date

Active Academic licenses will always have access to the latest, greatest release for Marmoset Toolbag. No version upgrade fees ever again.

Learning Outside the Classroom

 Learning Toolbag can exist outside of the classroom with the help of our resources. From written breakdowns by active industry professionals to step-by-step video walkthroughs, our resources section provides an abundance of information to help you navigate Toolbag.

What Instructors Are Saying

“The cage editing features that come with the baking system are perfect for helping students understand how their high poly meshes work within the game art pipeline. It also helps them understand errors and how to resolve issues with their textures. 

It’s a great, accessible 3D software for students of all levels, and its wide range of tools lets them jump in quickly to create professional-quality bakes, textures, and renders. I would not have been able to run my class without this tool, and I believe that many of my students are successful because I was able to teach them how to use Toolbag.”

Patrick Hillstead, 3D Character Artist & Former Instructor

Academic Licensing FAQs

Do you have a EULA I can review? 2022-07-04T22:23:17-05:00

Yes! Our EULA is included with each download of Marmoset Toolbag, but for easy access, jump over to our Terms page to review the complete End User License Agreement.

Is there a maintenance option? What software upgrades do I receive?2022-07-04T22:26:15-05:00

All subscription licenses for Marmoset Toolbag receive access to all software updates at no additional charge! As long as you have an active subscription, you will be up to date.
All users may receive technical support via email and our Marmoset social channels for free for the lifetime of the product. We do not require any additional software maintenance fees beyond your license’s subscription renewal fee.

What are my purchasing options?2022-07-04T22:26:42-05:00

Our web store syncs directly with license accounts, so any purchase placed directly through our web store will assign the purchased licenses to the account/email used at time of checkout – payment via credit card or PayPal is available.
If you wish to be invoiced with additional payment options, or will be placing your order through a reseller, we will be glad to assist. Please send your purchase order or price quote request to our support team:

How do I manage license assignments for multiple users?2022-07-04T22:27:07-05:00

Toolbag’s web account portal provides tools to invite and manage sub users (see Users page). You may have your end users access the software using your primary account credentials as their software login, or choose to assign your licenses to specific sub user accounts.
Sub user accounts are a great option for specific staff members to manage their own single license, or assign a group of licenses to a shared sub user account for shared use by a group of end users (i.e. specific teams or labs). As the primary account owner of the licenses you have the capability to revoke a license from a sub user at any time, and reassign to another sub user account.

How do I install and deploy licenses to multiple machines at once?2022-07-04T22:21:19-05:00

Toolbag 4 has command line options available for silent install and deployment of licenses to multiple machines. Please review our Toolbag Deployment Guide for complete details.

How does Toolbag manage license transfers to other machines?2022-07-04T22:27:45-05:00

Licenses will auto-transfer between machines for all clients logged in with the same Marmoset account credentials. There is no limit per account on how many license seat transfers may occur. However, transfers are limited by a short cooldown period.
Each time the software is run, a license from that account is locked to the machine with a 30-minute cooldown period, and is eligible to be reallocated to another machine once its cooldown period has lapsed. All license cooldown periods for your licenses can be monitored through the web account portal.

I own Toolbag 3. Is there an upgrade discount for Toolbag 4?2022-07-04T22:24:57-05:00

Choose the discounted “upgrade from v3” product variation and ‘add to cart’. Your email address used at checkout must match the email assigned to your Toolbag 3 license to successfully complete your upgrade purchase. Note: The upgrade option is only a discount; it will not convert or deactivate your legacy v3 license; you may continue to use both v3 and v4 licenses side by side.

Do you provide volume discounts?2022-07-04T22:24:17-05:00

Studio and Academic license purchases are eligible for volume discounts. These discounts will automatically apply to your order once you ‘Add to Cart’ and adjust your product to the desired license seat quantity.

  • 5-8 seats: 5% off
  • 9-12 seats: 8% off
  • 13-17 seats: 11% off
  • 18-24 seats: 13% off
  • 25+ seats: 15% off


Looking for Toolbag 3 installers? Check out the Version History page.

Activate a free 30-day trial:
    1. Download & Install Toolbag 4.
    2. Run the software.
    3. Click ‘Sign Up’ on the welcome window to register for an account.
    4. Check your inbox to confirm your new account.
    5. Return to Toolbag and log in. A free trial license will be automatically created upon login.