Item Key Notes
Orbit Alt + LMB
Pan Alt + MMB
Zoom/Dolly Alt + RMB Standard Zoom/Dolly
Zoom/Dolly (Alt) Mouse Scroll Wheel Alternate Zoom/Dolly
FPS Navigation (WASD,QE) Alternate FPS Navigation
Pan Up Alt + Q
Pan Left Alt + A
Pan Down Alt + E
Pan Right Alt + D
Dolly In Alt + W
Dolly Out Alt + S
Sky Rotation Shift + RMB


Item Key Notes
New Scene Ctrl + N
Open Scene Ctrl + O
Save Scene Ctrl + S
Save Scene As Shift + Ctrl + S
Import Model Ctrl + I Drag & drop the model into viewport
Export > Marmoset Viewer Shift + Ctrl + V
Quit Ctrl + Q


Item Key Notes
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Shift + Ctrl + Z
Undo Camera Ctrl + Y
Redo Camera Shift + Ctrl + Y
Select Q
Translate W
Rotate E
Scale R
Transform (All) T
World Space Ctrl + T Toggle Local/World Space
Edit Pivot D With Translate or Transform Tools
Snapping Ctrl Hold while Translating or Rotating
Plugins > Run Again Ctrl + /
Preferences Ctrl + ,


Item Key Notes
Hide/Show Selection Ctrl + H Toggle Visibility
Deselect Shift + Ctrl + D
Frame Selection Ctrl + F
Frame Scene Shift + Ctrl + F
Next Viewport Mode . (Period)
Previous Viewport Mode , (Comma)
Maximize Viewport Shift + Space Toggle (with Multiple Viewports)
Show Guides Ctrl + U Toggle Visibility
Full Screen Ctrl + Return Toggle Visibility


Item Key Notes
Add Camera Ctrl + K
Add Light (Spot) Ctrl + L
Group Selection Ctrl + G
Duplicate Selection Ctrl + D
Lock Selection Shift + L Toggle Lock/Unlock
Item Selection Down/Up Arrows Within Scene Hierarchy
Expand/Collapse Scene Items Right/Left Arrows
Item Visibility Toggle LMB, Hold & Drag Within Scene Hierarchy
Camera – DoF Set Focus Middle Click On Geometry in Viewport


Item Key Notes
Select All Ctrl + A
Select None Shift + Ctrl + D


Item Key Notes
New Material Ctrl + M
Clear Unused Ctrl + Backspace
Apply to Selection Shift + Ctrl + A You can also drag & drop material onto mesh in viewport
Load Map Drag & Drop on Material Slot
Smart Load Drag & Drop onto Material preview Loads multiple images into the appropriate inputs based on naming conventions


Item Key Notes
Viewport F10
Viewport to Clipboard F9
All Images F11
Bake All Ctrl + B
Enable Raytracing Ctrl + R Toggles for entire scene


Item Key Notes
Library Shift + Ctrl + L Toggles Window Visibility

Help > Dev

Item Key Notes
Reload Shaders Shift + Ctrl + R
Performance Shift + Ctrl + P
Console Ctrl + ~


Item Key Notes
Select Additional Viewport Ctrl + LMB Works in Scene Hierarchy and Viewport
Select Applied Material Double Click mesh in viewport
Rectangle/Ellipse Select S (Cycle Key)
Lasso/Polygon Select L (Cycle Key)
Light Controller Select Light in Scene
–Brightness –Ctrl + LMB
–Distance to Object –Ctrl + RMB
–Spot Cone Adjustment –Ctrl + MMB
Face/UV Island/Mesh Select O (Cycle Key) Only within Texture Project
Magic Wand Ctrl + W Only within Texture Project


Item Key Notes
Play/Pause Animation Ctrl + P
Next/ Previous Frame Left/Right Arrow
Add Keyframe Insert Or Double LMB in Keyframe Editor
Delete Keyframe(s) Delete
Move Keyframe(s) 1 frame Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow
Move Keyframe(s) 10 frame Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right Arrow
Timeline Scale Tool To activate, hold Shift and Left Mouse click to set the start point, and click again (while holding Shift to set the endpoint. This will bring up the timeline scale UI. Each end has handles that you can use to stretch or compress the timeline selection. Let go of shift to drop the tool.
Keyframe Scale Tool To activate, click and drag in the Keyframe Editor to select multiple keyframes. To scale from center, hold Alt and click on the scale interface.
Selection Range (Timeline) Up/Down Arrows Contracts/Expands Selection Range of Timeline.


Item Key Notes
Bake All Ctrl + B
Paint Offset/Skew
Brush Size [ & ]
Flow 1 – 0
Sharpness Ctrl + [ & ]


Item Key Notes
Paint B
Erase E
Flood Fill F
Gradient G
Opacity 1-0  (Number Keys)
Size [ & ]
Hardness Shift + [ & ]
Culling ; & ‘
Color Picker P With Fill/Paint Layer & Brush/Flood Fill Tool
Layers – Group Ctrl + G When Layers Tab has focus
Layers – Duplicate Ctrl + D When Layers Tab has focus
Layers – Delete Delete When Layers Tab has focus