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Advanced Tutorials

Writing Custom Shaders For Toolbag 3

By Jeff Russell Toolbag 3 provides a framework for users to customize the material shader system. This can be a powerful tool for users to extend Toolbag’s rendering capabilities, and for these improvements

Python Scripting For Toolbag 3

By Jeff Russell We’re proud to announce that as of version 3.03, Marmoset Toolbag has Python scripting support! This feature allows for the creation and distribution of user scripts and plugins to add

The Toolbag Baking Tutorial

By Joe Wilson. This tutorial will get you up to speed with Marmoset Toolbag’s baker. From the technical to the artistic, follow along as we shed light on numerous subjects to enable you

Basic Theory of Physically-Based Rendering

The term is bandied about a lot, often generating confusion as to what exactly it means. The short answer is: “many things”, and “it depends”…

Physically-Based Rendering, And You Can Too!

This tutorial covers the basics of art content creation, some of the reasoning behind various PBR standards (without getting too technical), and squash some common misconceptions.

PBR Texture Conversion

By Joe “EarthQuake” Wilson In this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how content created for traditional shaders can be converted to PBR shaders, how to convert content from one PBR workflow to another,