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Environment Art Tutorials

How to Make Stylized Crystals in Toolbag

Check out a step by step guide on how to make stylized crystals in Toolbag with Dylan Mellot. Dylan demonstrates how to prepare your textures, set up the materials and play with refraction to enhance the final outcome.

Rendering Sci-Fi Environments in Toolbag

Learn how to render atmospheric sci-fi environments with Alexander Alza. Alexander discussed composition, modeling, and broke down the render settings and lighting setup for the scene.

Creating and Rendering Photorealistic Environment Art in Toolbag

Learn how to render photorealistic environments in Toolbag with Walid Kaskhoussi Perrussel. Walid explains how to create a wood materials and how he used Toolbag 3’s lighting and post processing features to bring the scene to life.

Lighting Interior Scenes with Exterior Lighting in Toolbag

Manuel Rondon covers how to light an interior scene in Toolbag 3 using an HDRI in a new video tutorial.

Lighting an Environment with Emissive & Global Illumination in Toolbag

Learn how to light and render a sci-fi environment in Toolbag 3 using emissive materials and global illumination with Manuel Rondon.

Environment Design with Toolbag

Anthony Trujillo discussed his ArtStation Civilizations: Lost and Found challenge piece with 80.lv.