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Environment Art Tutorials

Creating a 2.5D Hand-Painted Cat Shop

Angelina Diez demonstrated how she used Toolbag to help create adorable renders of her 2.5D hand-painted cat shop. Angelina broke down her modeling, texturing, and lighting process and used Marmoset Viewer to enhance her purresentation.

Creating a Video Presentation Using Toolbag

Creating a Video Presentation Using Toolbag

Jonathan Benainous used Toolbag 3 to create a video presentation for his GDC talk that showcases a stellar selection of materials. Read all about his process on how he set up scenes, materials, and animations in Toolbag.

Photogrammetry Scene Presentation in Toolbag

Find out how you can use Toolbag to render photogrammetry scenes with Cian O’Reilly. Cian walked us through the process of creating the Titanic wreck and broke down his lighting and animation setup.

Spanish Building Material Presentation in Toolbag

Check out a livestream and written breakdown on how to create compelling material presentation in Toolbag with Enrico Tammekänd.

Previewing Substance Designer Materials in Toolbag

Previewing Substance Designer Materials in Toolbag

Daniel Thiger shared his approach for previewing materials in Toolbag. Daniel discussed how to quickly set up scenes and materials, create animated presentations, and broke down how he created his temple project.

How to Make Stylized Crystals in Toolbag

Check out a step by step guide on how to make stylized crystals in Toolbag with Dylan Mellot. Dylan demonstrates how to prepare your textures, set up the materials and play with refraction to enhance the final outcome.

Rendering Sci-Fi Environments in Toolbag

Learn how to render atmospheric sci-fi environments with Alexander Alza. Alexander discussed composition, modeling, and broke down the render settings and lighting setup for the scene.