Toolbag Support

This page answers many common Toolbag support questions. If you have further queries please don’t hesitate to write us at

What Is My Marmoset ID?

Your Marmoset ID is the end user email address you entered when purchasing Toolbag (listed on your email confirmation).

If you’re installing the trial, you will create your Marmoset ID by entering your email address into the welcome prompt when starting the software, then following the link in the email sent to that inbox. No passwords or license keys are required!

License Activation

Standard Installation

Once you’ve completed a purchase of a full license and received your order confirmation email, run Toolbag 3 and log in on the welcome screen using your Marmoset ID. If your client is previously authorized with another ID, open Toolbag and select ‘Reset Login…‘ from the Help menu.

Installation From Disc Image

Run Toolbag 3 on the imaged drive, then activate your license on that machine by logging into Toolbag 3 using your Marmoset ID and with the activation option “Authorize everyone on this computer” enabled. Once that image is deployed, this setting will make sure multiple user accounts per machine are authorized for use, and no manual activation is needed per client, per user account.

License Transfers

Toolbag licenses are assigned to your Marmoset ID. If you wish to move your license from one machine to another, simply install the appropriate version of Toolbag on the new computer and log into the software using your Marmoset ID.

Email Verification Required (Default Behavior)

If all license seats on your account are in use, when logging into the software you will be asked to follow the authorization link that arrives in your Marmoset ID’s inbox. Click the approval link and the new machine will be authorized.

Note: You may transfer your license as often as you like, even between OS X and Windows.

Automated Transfer Approval

For Studio and Academic users only, we offer a license management option to automatically approve each seat transfer request, rather than await the email verification step to be approved. If you are interested in enabling this feature on your account, please contact us at

Need The Latest Installers?

You may always find the latest installers from the download buttons at the top of the Toolbag product page.

Not Receiving Emails

If you’re having trouble receiving trial activation or license transfer emails, the first thing you should do is check your spam folder. You may also need to add “” to any safe-sender lists in your email service or network security software. Then try logging into Toolbag once again with your Marmoset ID to resend your new trial or license transfer messages.

“Cannot Connect To License Server”

If you receive this message when opening the software, check that you have the most recent version installed. The latest installers are always available directly from the Toolbag page.

Check also that your firewall and antivirus are allowing inbound/outbound connections for Toolbag; manual exceptions may need to be added. The software will connect to the licensing server through “” over HTTP with SSL.

In some cases firewall software may prevent Toolbag from connecting if it is not installed in the default location in the “Program Files” directory. If Toolbag is not installed to the default location, please re-install and try running the software again.

Still no luck? Send us an email making sure to specify your current OS and the firewall/antivirus software you are running.

Hardware Requirements

Make sure your computer meets our minimum system requirements:


  • Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit) or newer
  • Direct3D 11 GPU (GeForce 470, Radeon HD 5800, Intel Iris)


  • OS X 10.12 “Sierra” or newer
  • Metal GPU

Check Apple’s site to see if your Mac meets the requirements. A GPU with 8 GB of VRAM is recommended for both Mac and Windows.

Is There A Mac Version Of Toolbag 3?

Yes! Toolbag is available on Mac as of version 3.03. Visit the Toolbag 3 product page to download the latest version.

Update Toolbag

To ensure that you are running the latest build of Toolbag:

  1. Run Toolbag
  2. Ensure that “Check for Updates” is enabled in your app preferences. If it isn’t, enable it and restart Toolbag.
  3. If an update is available, a notification window will soon appear. Click the image to begin the installation.
  4. Toolbag will close and restart to complete the update.

The latest full installer is also available here, and Toolbag’s release history can be viewed here.

Errors Or Crashes

Assuming you meet the system specifications, this is often a result of out of date OS or graphics drivers. These links may be of use in updating the Windows drivers for your GPU:

Mac users should check Software Update to ensure they are running the latest version of OS X. MacBook users may wish to adjust their Automatic Graphics Switching settings to ensure that the discrete GPU is in use.

Baker Instability

If you’re experiencing crashes or display driver resets during lengthy texture bakes in Toolbag 3 on Windows, you may be able to improve stability by adjusting your driver’s GPU timeout period. We have created a tool to adjust this setting which is available here. Please note that this is a system-wide change which requires administrator permission as well as a reboot, and should probably only be used where needed. If necessary this tool can also be used to restore your system’s default settings (simply run it a second time).

Tablet Input

If you are using a tablet and stylus and you’re experiencing irregular motion when moving objects in the viewport, you may need to enable the “Tablet-Friendly Input” option in the application preferences. This will prevent mouse cursor wrapping, but often solves these issues with tablet input.

If you are having trouble using the viewport zoom shortcut (alt+right click drag), or other similar shortcuts, it may be helpful to disable “Windows Ink” in your tablet control settings. Wacom tablets in particular have this option available as a global or a per-application setting.

Errors About Missing MFPLAT.DLL

If you are encountering errors about a missing “mfplat.dll”, you are likely running the “N” or “KN” edition of Microsoft Windows. These editions of Windows do not include vital video components that Toolbag 3 (and many other applications) require. This can be resolved by downloading and installing the “Media Feature Pack” from Microsoft. We have collected a set of links to this feature pack for the various versions of Windows here: Media Feature Pack for Windows 108.187.

Download Troubles

Often times PC security tools or antivirus software can conflict with downloading software. If you have troubles downloading the Toolbag installer:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is stable, and does not have any service interruptions at the moment.
  2. Temporarily disable any 3rd party antivirus or PC security tools
  3. Temporarily disable any 3rd party download managers in use.
  4. Clear your browser’s cache.
  5. Try the download again.
  6. If this doesn’t work, try the download link in a different web browser.

How Do I Export To Unreal Engine?

The Marmoset Toolbag Scene importer is a free plugin which enables you to import your Toolbag scene files directly into Unreal Engine. Download the Marmoset Toolbag Scene Importer from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Please contact with any further questions or concerns.