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Here you can find answers to many common Toolbag support questions.

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How do I activate my Toolbag 4 license?2020-11-18T11:51:27-06:00

Toolbag 4 introduces a full user account system using email and password as your account credentials. Log into the software on any machine to gain access to a trial, subscription, or perpetual license.

Further management of your Toolbag 4 licenses can be done through the new Marmoset account web portal.

I created an account for Toolbag 4, but my legacy licenses are not listed.2020-12-18T15:10:38-06:00

Your new Marmoset account access will provide legacy license information if your account email matches the Marmoset ID assigned to your legacy license.

If you’re now using a different email address and need to reassign your legacy license to your new email address, please contact with a proof of license ownership and we’ll be glad to assist.

Can I use my license on more than one machine?2020-11-18T11:51:08-06:00

Yes! Toolbag 4’s trial and paid licenses maintain a flexible seat transfer policy. Install Toolbag 4 and log in with your Marmoset account credentials to use your license on any machine.

You can review your recent Toolbag 4 license usage through your new user account web portal.

Can I run multiple versions of Toolbag on the same machine?2020-11-10T15:14:52-06:00

Yes! Toolbag 4 and legacy versions may be installed alongside one another. Toolbag 4’s licensing system will not interfere with your legacy license of Toolbag. Feel free to continue to use both versions as needed.

Can I still access Toolbag 4 if my subscription license expires?2020-11-13T14:19:48-06:00

If you chose subscription licensing, access to Marmoset Toolbag and its library of content is only accessible with an active subscription.

Can I convert a subscription license to a perpetual license?2020-11-14T15:16:48-06:00

You may cancel your subscription license at any time, and instead purchase a perpetual license. Paid subscription terms will not be credited towards a perpetual license. If you wish to change license types at a later time, keep an eye out for our seasonal flash sales throughout the year.


I own Toolbag 3. Is there an upgrade discount available for Toolbag 4?2020-11-24T12:24:16-06:00

Yes! All Toolbag 3 licensees qualify for an upgrade discount on their Toolbag 4 license purchase. Once you select your license method (subscription or perpetual), choose the “Upgrade from v3” product variation from the dropdown menu, then ‘add to cart’ and proceed with your purchase.

Important: Your eligibility for the discounted upgrade license is dependent upon your Toolbag 3 Marmoset ID. As long as your billing email you’re using on your Toolbag 4 order matches your Toolbag 3 Marmoset ID, your purchase will complete successfully.

I own version 3 on Steam. Can I upgrade to Toolbag 4?2020-11-18T11:53:24-06:00

Toolbag 4 will be available as standalone only; not available on Steam. To receive an upgrade discount from Steam to standalone, please email our support team ( with an email/PDF copy of your Steam proof of purchase.

Which payment methods can I use?2020-11-14T15:31:14-06:00

Our web store supports payment via credit card or PayPal.

If you are a reseller purchasing on behalf of a client, or a purchasing agent for an academic institution or business and wish to be invoiced with additional payment options, please send your purchase order or price quote request to our support team:

Subscription -vs- Perpetual: Which license is for me?2020-11-18T11:45:26-06:00

Toolbag is now available with two options of licensing: perpetual and subscription.

  • Perpetual licenses require a one-time fee which grants indefinite access to version 4, with all version 4.x updates included free of charge. A perpetual license also provides access to all Toolbag Library assets released by Marmoset.
  • Subscription licenses are available on a monthly or annual renewal term. A Toolbag subscription has the benefit of being version-independent. As long as you’re an active subscriber you’ll have access to the latest release of Marmoset Toolbag and all available Toolbag Library assets.

As always, email support is included with all licensing models, trials too. Contact our support team any time:

Do you work with resellers?2020-11-13T14:21:03-06:00

If you are a reseller wishing to purchase on behalf of a client, please contact us at for purchasing options.

For customers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, feel free to contact Meshmellow LTD ( as an authorized reseller of Marmoset software.

Do you provide volume discounts?2022-07-04T22:24:17-05:00

Studio and Academic license purchases are eligible for volume discounts. These discounts will automatically apply to your order once you ‘Add to Cart’ and adjust your product to the desired license seat quantity.

  • 5-8 seats: 5% off
  • 9-12 seats: 8% off
  • 13-17 seats: 11% off
  • 18-24 seats: 13% off
  • 25+ seats: 15% off


Which operating systems are supported?2020-11-10T15:17:08-06:00

Toolbag is available on Windows and Mac. Windows users must be running Windows 10. Mac users must be running macOS 10.15 “Catalina” or newer.

What hardware is required to run Toolbag 4?2022-05-04T11:23:14-05:00

As of v4.04, a Direct3D 12 GPU is required. We highly recommend you run on a GPU with at least 8GB of VRAM, and at least 16GB of system memory.

Important: Mac users must have macOS GPU family 2 hardware.

Does Toolbag’s ray tracing require an RTX card?2020-11-10T15:18:08-06:00

Nope! Toolbag’s ray tracing implementation runs on most all modern Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Though texture baking and rendering times will be notably faster on RTX cards.

Is exporting to Unreal Engine supported?2022-06-15T15:49:14-05:00

Toolbag 4 has removed support for the Marmoset Toolbag Scene Importer.

Toolbag 3 users may continue to use this free plugin enabling you to import your Toolbag scene files directly into Unreal Engine. Download the Marmoset Toolbag Scene Importer from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Are Substance Archives (.sbsar) supported?2022-06-15T15:48:48-05:00

Unfortunately no, importing Substance archives is no longer supported in Toolbag v4 and newer. We recommend exporting your Substances as bitmaps to populate your material channels in Toolbag.

Note: Substance Archive files remain fully supported in Toolbag v3.


Errors or Crashes2020-11-10T19:33:41-06:00

Assuming you meet the system specifications, this is often a result of out of date OS or graphics drivers. These links may be of use in updating the Windows drivers for your GPU:

Mac users should check Software Update to ensure they are running the latest version of OS X. MacBook users may wish to adjust their Automatic Graphics Switching settings to ensure that the discrete GPU is in use.

Baker Instability2020-11-17T14:48:03-06:00

If you’re experiencing crashes or display driver resets during lengthy texture bakes in Toolbag on Windows, you may be able to improve stability by adjusting your driver’s GPU timeout period. We have created a tool to adjust this setting which is available here. Please note that this is a system-wide change which requires administrator permission as well as a reboot, and should probably only be used where needed. If necessary this tool can also be used to restore your system’s default settings (simply run it a second time).

Errors About Missing MFPLAT.DLL2020-11-17T14:48:39-06:00

If you are encountering errors about a missing “mfplat.dll”, you are likely running the “N” or “KN” edition of Microsoft Windows. These editions of Windows do not include vital video components that Toolbag (and many other applications) require. This can be resolved by downloading and installing the “Media Feature Pack” from Microsoft. We have collected a set of links to this feature pack for the various versions of Windows here: Media Feature Pack for Windows 108.187.

Download Troubles2020-11-10T19:34:05-06:00

Often times PC security tools or antivirus software can conflict with downloading software. If you have troubles downloading the Toolbag installer:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is stable, and does not have any service interruptions at the moment.
  2. Temporarily disable any 3rd party antivirus or PC security tools
  3. Temporarily disable any 3rd party download managers in use.
  4. Clear your browser’s cache.
  5. Try the download again.
  6. If this doesn’t work, try the download link in a different web browser.
Login Error: “Authentication Failed: Invalid email or password.”2020-11-14T15:04:26-06:00

An account is required for all Toolbag 4 users. If you own a Toolbag 4 license and received this error, check that your email and password are correct, then try again. If you are new to Toolbag 4, follow the signup option on Toolbag 4’s welcome window to ‘Start a Trial’.

Note: The email address used as your Marmoset ID for Toolbag 3 will require new account creation for Toolbag 4. Your legacy licenses remain active and unaffected by Toolbag 4 licensing.

Login Error: “Authentication Failed: Could not connect to license server.”2020-11-14T15:04:19-06:00

An active internet connection is required for license authentication, please check your local network connection settings.

If your internet connection is active and still receiving this error, Toolbag may need to be manually granted inbound/outbound connection privileges in your local firewall and security software settings.

Where can I find the latest installer?2020-11-10T15:19:34-06:00

You can always find download links to the latest installers directly on the Toolbag product page.

How do I update Toolbag?2020-11-10T15:19:51-06:00

To ensure you are running the latest build of Toolbag 4 use the auto-update option in-app.

Enabling Auto-Update: run Toolbag, open your app preferences (Edit -> Preferences…), and make sure “Check for Updates” is enabled. If it is not, enable it and restart Toolbag. When an update is available a notification window will soon appear.

Toolbag’s release history can be viewed here.

Ray tracing has stopped working and my lighting is black.2021-10-05T12:03:02-05:00

This is likely due to a shortage of VRAM available on your system. Ray tracing can be memory hungry with more complex scenes. Try closing other 3D apps, and even browsers with a lot of tabs open, then retry your scene in Toolbag. You can also try reducing the resolution of your texture sets loaded in your scene and texture projects.

My issue is not listed here. Who shall I contact?2020-11-10T15:20:50-06:00

All Marmoset customers receive complimentary email support for both trial and paid licenses. If you have any concerns, feedback, or recommendations, we want to hear from you at

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