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Hard Surface Art Tutorials

Baking A Hard Surface Weapon in Toolbag

Ben Armstrong showed his methods for baking and presenting a hard surface weapon in Toolbag. Ben broke down different subdivison modeling techniques and explained how to correct cages for baking in Toolbag.

Presenting First Person View Weapons in Toolbag

Learn how to render weapons in a first person view with Eugene Petrov. Eugene covers his process for baking hard surface objects and demonstrates how to set up lights and cameras for a first person view render.

Creating Stellar Renders of the ISS using Toolbag 3

Find out how Toolbag was used by Gianpietro Fabre to create fantastic still renders of his International Space Station.

Rendering & Baking Vehicles for MX vs ATV All Out in Toolbag 3

Discover how Toolbag 3 was utilized to help create the complex vehicles in MX vs ATV All Out with Gregory McDonald.