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Character Art Tutorials

Creating In-Game Style Concepts With Toolbag

Learn how to create in-game style renders using Toolbag with Cody Alday. Cody demonstrates how to create a parallax-style UI overlay, incorporate character and camera animations, and set up an environment.

Rendering a Stylized Wrestling Character in Toolbag

Mikhail Toropov demonstrated how he used Toolbag to render a whimsical, stylized wrestler. Mikhail covered how to set up subsurface scattering materials, lighting, and post processing.

How To Present an Old Knight Character in Toolbag

Radek Kowalczyk discussed his process for rendering an Old Knight in Toolbag. Radek walked through material creation, rendering hair, and how to set up a scene complete with post effects and lighting.

Painting A Character With Lighting in Toolbag

Juras Rodionovas broke down how he used Toolbag to present his friendly ogre. Juras explained how he set up his scene and materials, as well as how to apply traditional lighting methods using Toolbag’s real time lighting system.

Translating a 2D concept into real-time 3D art

Learn how to present a stylized skeleton warrior in Toolbag with Ackeem Durrant. Ackeem breaks down his pipeline from the blockout stages, to baking and creating the final renders in Toolbag.

Rendering a Cinematic Diorama in Toolbag

Learn how to render a cinematic character art diorama in Toolbag with Zrinko Kozlica. Zrinko discusses why Toolbag was his renderer of choice and demonstrates how to set up lighting, cameras, and perfect post production.

Stylized Character Presentation in Toolbag

Yulia Sokolova discussed how she created and rendered her stylized Samurai in Toolbag. Yulia focused on texturing and material creation, lighting, scene setup, and capturing beautiful portfolio renders.