Autosave has been a highly requested feature and we’re very excited to finally bring you a full-fledged backup system in Toolbag 4.04. Let’s take a closer look at the settings you can find within the Autosave window. 

To access the Autosave settings, go to Edit > Preferences > Autosave. Here, you can choose the file path and enable Save Relative Scene if you want autosaves to exist in the same directory as your scene file.

You can change the Timer setting to designate how often an autosave file will be generated and set a number for how many saves are generated via Max Saves. When this number is exceeded older autosaves will be deleted.

Max Autosave Folder Size is useful for setting a maximum value for how large the folder can be. Once the folder reaches the maximum size, the oldest autosave will get deleted in order to stay within the limit. This setting doesn’t apply when Save Relative Scene is enabled.

There’s also a Clear button to delete all of the generated autosaves and an Open Folder button for ease of access. 

If you experience a crash, Toolbag will give the option of loading the last autosave.

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