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Animate Dancing Fellows Using Sub-loops in Hexels

This new Hexels tutorial will demonstrate how to use sub-loops and teach you smooth moves to use at your next dance battle.

Hexels Making of: Behemoth Reveal

I’m Mark Knight from Marmoset and I’ve always been fascinated with rotoscope animation. From classics like Bakshi’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ to modern anime production, rotoscope can be used in many interesting ways.

Achieving an Orbital Parallax Effect with Hexels

By Mark Knight This guide will show you how to use Hexels to create a dynamic, comic book style sequence with an orbital parallax effect. What is a Parallax Effect? A parallax effect

Create Sprite Sheet Animations In Hexels

By Mark Knight This simple guide will show you how to create sprite sheet assets in Hexels for use in video game development. What is a Sprite Sheet? A sprite sheet is a

Animating in the Hexels Timeline

Animating in the Hexels Timeline

Our Hexels wizard, Mira, is back to give you a crash course on how to animate using the Timeline in Hexels. She explains a bunch of terminology, makes you hungry for sushi and