Follow along as we demonstrate how Toolbag’s interface and essential features work. Learn how to import Meshes and adjust the properties to toggle Shadow casting, double sided rendering, and set the Tangent Space. Use the modular Material Editor to set shading models, import textures, load Preset Materials, and apply Materials to Meshes. Light your scene with Sky Lighting and dynamic Lights, and adjust the Light Width setting to soften shadows. Finish the scene off by adding a Shadow Catcher and adjusting the Render settings to enable Local Reflections and Global Illumination.

Note: As of Toolbag 3.05, we’ve added a Roughness Microsurface model, so you no longer need to use the Gloss model with the invert box checked when using the metalness workflow.

Getting to Know Toolbag 3 is a series of short video tutorials designed to get new and veteran users alike up to speed, as well as highlight some of the exciting new features that we’ve added to Toolbag.