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Toolbag Artist Highlight | Ep. 177

Start off your week with a top-notch set of 3D art rendered in Toolbag.

  1. William Paré-Jobin assembled a fantastic render of his real-time character based on The Witcher.
  2. Peter Boehme forged a terrifying tooth fairy.
  3. John Teodoro created a lovely stylized house.
  4. Helga Sergunina crafted an energetic octopus for Artstation’s Beneath The Waves challenge.

Thanks for checking out the latest featured artwork rendered in Toolbag. Stay tuned for more next week.

Fancy Pancakes, by Aender Lara

Aender Lara created a tasty 3D breakfast complete with pancakes, berries, cream and coffee! Aender used Toolbag 3 to assemble the scene and render a whimsical animated sequence. Find more shots and a detailed breakdowns on Artstation.