By Mark Knight

This simple guide will show you how to get your designs from Hexels to Gran Turismo Sport in just a few steps.

Gran Turismo Sport Decals are imported as Vector image (.svg) files, which enable you to resize the image without losing detail.

Our decals mustn’t exceed 15kb, so it’s good practice to keep designs fairly simple and limit the number of colours used. For this example, I’m going to use the Pixel Trixels 256p template.

On a new vector layer, I’ve recreated the Hexels logo which uses 10 colours using trixels and shards.

When finishing a design, make sure the Transparent checkbox is ticked. This means the background is not included when exporting. Go to File>Export (Ctrl+E), choose your destination, and Save as type: SVG Image (*.svg) from the drop down.

Additional export options will appear. Setting the resolution to 20 works well here. Clicking OK will prompt the second SVG Export Options window. Make sure the top two options are ticked so that the vector file is a single image. The final image size here is 4.57kb.

On your PC (or Mac) head over to the GTSport community page, login and select Decal Uploader. Drag your .svg file onto the area specified or select with the file browser.

Select Start Upload and click through the next information window. When your upload is complete, head over to GranTurismo Sport on your PS4. You can stay logged in as the upload process is instantaneous, giving you the freedom to quickly experiment with designs without quitting the Livery editor.

Select the Livery editor from the main menu.

Choose New Design or edit an existing design you have created.

Choose Decal from the options. It may be a good idea to select a solid colour that will help your decal stand out. You can change the color via the Paint button.

Select the area you’d like to add you image to and click Add Layer. You can have up to 300 decals in your design.

Select User Decals. Here you will see your uploaded designs. Additional decal uploads will also appear here.

You can scale, rotate and position your decal. Notice there is no loss in detail when enlarging.

Additional layers can be added, overlapped and combined along with text and presets available from the decal menu.

The Scapes feature in Gran Turismo allows you to position your designs against scenic backdrops and export in 1080 or 4k resolution. Here’s a gallery of designs created in Hexels. Why not share your designs with your friends, #Hexels and #GTSport and give the free 14 day trial of Hexels a spin!