200 New Assets!

The fourth Toolbag Library Drop has just landed in your app, adding 200 unique assets! These include high-quality Smart Materials, Materials, and Textures (Grunge Maps, Patterns, and Stencils). This update is free for all Toolbag 4 users, and assets are now ready for download from Toolbag’s integrated asset library.

For more on working with all asset types available in the Toolbag Library, check out our Library quick guide:

Slick Smart Materials

Create rich, complex-looking assets using this new batch of physically-accurate Smart Materials. This drop adds 66 Smart Materials to speed up texturing and apply common wear-and-tear effects that adapt to the unique form of any mesh.

New Smart Materials Added
Total Smart Materials Available

Brand New Base Materials

We’ve added 58 Materials, bringing the total number to 648 base materials, ready to be used in your latest Toolbag texturing project and look development workflow.

New Materials Added
Total Materials Available

New Textures of Every Kind

The Textures folder received many high-quality additions to Patterns, Grunge Maps, and Stencils. Textures are incredibly handy for quick wear generation and adding decorative details to your scenes.

New Textures Added
Total Textures Available

Download Now

All new assets available will automatically appear in your Library window with a download icon overlay. To download:

  1. Open Toolbag 4
  2. Choose Window -> Library from the menu bar (Shift+Ctrl+L)
  3. Toggle on the down arrow icon (⬇) along the bottom of the Library window to view all assets available to download.
  4. Double-click a single asset to download, or multi-select assets, then right-click and select ‘Download.

New & Updated Assets


  • Ceramic  +4

  • Concrete-Asphalt  +3

  • Dirt  +5

  • Fabric  +8

  • Food  +8

  • Metal  +7

  • Paper  +1

  • Stone  +11

  • Vegetation +6

  • Wood  +6

Smart Materials

  • Ceramic  +8

  • Concrete-Asphalt  +6

  • Dirt  +1

  • Fabric  +17

  • Metal  +6

  • Paint  +15

  • Plastic-Rubber  +3

  • Stone  +7

  • Transparent  +1

  • Wood  +2


  • Grunge Maps +18

  • Patterns

  • Creature  +1

  • Fabric  +5

  • Floral  +9

  • Geometric  +7

  • Stencils

  • Trim +1

  • Icons +28

  • Shapes +6

Artist Credits

We’d like to thank the following artists for their contributions to this drop:

We’d also like to give a special thanks to 3D scan platforms MyMiniFactory and Three D Scans.