Artstation’s Wild West Challenge has officially come to an end. While the judging session is brewing, we decided to present some of our favorite submissions in the Game Character Art (real-time) division that were rendered in Toolbag and presented with Viewer.

Native American

by Nikita Svechnikov

Billy Three Arrows

by Georgian Avasilcutei

Beast Hunter

by Guillaume Mahieu

The Mean Lonewolf

by Jared Chavez

Payton the Gunslinger

by Mariya Kapustyan

Quickdraw McGraw

by Lucy Corrina

Timothy Postman

by Roxane Hinh


by Ksenia Shumikhina

Gunslinger Girl

by Alexey Scherbach 

Law Man

by Julia Acherontias

We wish all participants the best of luck!

– The Marmoset Team