Marmoset is proud to present Hexels Adventures, a speedpaint video series that takes us on a journey through Mark Knight’s creative process.

Ep. 1 The Devil’s Triangle

Mark uses Hexels to bring together multiple eras and create a fantastically foreboding Bermuda Triangle scene. This time-bending tale of folklore would fit right into a 90’s point-and-click adventure game!

Ep. 2 The International Space Station

Hop on board for a fantastic journey beyond the Earth’s atmosphere as Mark uses Hexels to construct the International Space Station in glorious isometric detail.

Ep. 3 Cow Infographic

Have you ever wanted to learn facts about cows? Well now you have no choice! Mark Knight will happily walk you through a comical infographic about cows in classic isometric fashion, including animations and camera work created directly in Hexels.

Ep. 4 Pixel City

Follow along as Mark creates a Neo-Tokyo inspired isometric masterpiece to demonstrate the exciting new pixel art features that will be released with Hexels 2.6.

Ep. 5 Modern Living Space

In this video, Mark explores the world of architectural visualization using a mix of vector and pixel painting to design a modern flat.

Ep. 6 Orbiter 13

In this installment, Mark Knight utilizes a wide range of new features found in Hexels 3 including pixel painting, pixel layers and drag and drop images. Mark used a mix of traditional frame by frame painting, animated layer transforms and post effects to create the final video.

Ep. 7 Elves’ Workshop

This holiday season, Mark Knight takes you on tour through the Hexels workshop where Elves create cubic presents from magic pixel dust. Watch as he uses Hexels 3 to draw out a series of bustling Elves, animates them frame by frame and brings it all together using animated layer transforms.