We’ve just released version 3.07, the latest free update for Marmoset Toolbag. For this release, we’ve focused on Python functionality, baker stability, added support for the latest Substance file format, and have fixed a number of bugs.

Download the installer from the Toolbag 3 product page, or by launching Toolbag 3 and clicking on the auto-update prompt. See the full change log on the Toolbag History section.

Python Callbacks

With Python callbacks, it’s easier for authors to write live-link plugins which reload content the moment it changes. With Toolbag 307, user code can be attached to the new onPeriodicUpdate and onRegainFocus callbacks to make periodic checks with external files, sockets, or any other state. For more information see the Python documentation.

Writing plugins for Toolbag that perform live updates – that is, reloading of content the moment it has changed – has previously been difficult.

Substance Format Update

We’ve updated to the latest version of Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer library.

Baker Stability Improvements

A number of bugs have been solved related to texture baking, including more stable and reliable behavior when using the Quick Loader. Check out the version history for more details.