The Retrogasm Art Competition has just wrapped up and 3D artists from all corners of the world have taken us on a trip down memory lane with their renditions of retro game characters. Participants have taken full advantage of Toolbag 3’s rendering capabilities and created stellar presentations of their characters in Viewer. While judging is in session, check out our favorite submissions!

Firekeeper Zelda

By Antoine Dupuis

The Legend of Zelda

By Philemon Belhomme

Argilla – Digital Devil Saga

By Charlotte Johnson

Super Mario Bros 3 NES Cover

By Claudio Clemente

Baxter Stockman

by Daniel Johnsson


by Vick Gaza


By Chris Vian

Rock n’ Roll Racing

by Daniel Lins

Maniac Mansion

by FX Melard

Lara Croft

by Leslie Van den Broeck

Comix Zone

by Marcel Nilo

Vivi Ornitier

by Mateo Costa

ZOE – Ardjet

by Ridwan Chandra Choa

Jill Valentine

by Saman Mahmoudi 

Manny Calavera – Grim Fandango

by Sam Beattie


by Weston Reid

Good luck to all the participants and congratulations on crossing the finish line with style and grace.

– The Marmoset Team