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– Platform-independent
– All v3 point releases included

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Licensing & Purchase Info

License Types:


Freelance use is licensed to the individual only, for commercial and non-commercial use. Academic use is licensed for any staff, faculty, student, or legal agent of the academic institution who owns the license.


If you are purchasing on behalf of a business that is producing commercial content, this is the license for you. These seats are licensed for use by any owner, staff, team member, or agent legally employed by the company owning the license.

Upgrade from v2 to v3

As a Toolbag 2 license owner, you qualify for a discount on Toolbag 3. Select the appropriate “Upgrade” version from the menu and add it to your shopping cart. Once you’re on the “Checkout” page, enter your Marmoset ID in the appropriate text box.

Important: In order for the upgrade discount to be granted, you must enter the same email address/Marmoset ID currently assigned to your Toolbag 2 license.

Volume Discounts

All multi-seat license purchases are eligible for volume discounts. These discounts will be automatically applied to your order once you ‘Add to Cart’ and adjust the item to the appropriate quantity.

  • 3-5 seats: 5% off
  • 6-10 seats: 10% off
  • 11-15 seats: 15% off
  • 16-20 seats: 18% off
  • 21-29 seats: 20% off
  • 30+ seats: 25% off

Support Terms

All Marmoset customers receive complimentary email support for both trial and paid licenses. If you have any questions, feedback, or recommendations, we want to hear from you at Marmosets don’t bite (usually).

Are wire payments available?

Yes, if your institution or client requires offline payment via wire, please provide a purchase order for the necessary licensing, sent to We’ll be glad to follow-up with an invoice for payment.

May I gift a license?

Absolutely! Proceed through our web checkout entering your billing information as usual, and enter the license recipient’s name and email address in the appropriate “Marmoset ID” boxes. This will assign the license to the appropriate end user, while delivering the email receipt only to you.

Do you work with resellers?

If you are a reseller looking to purchase on behalf of a client, feel free to proceed through our web checkout and assign the licenses to the appropriate end user by entering their name and email address in the “Marmoset ID” boxes on the checkout page. All license information and receipts will be delivered to the purchaser. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pass along the necessary download links and licensing details to the client.

For customers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, feel free to contact Meshmellow LTD ( as an authorized reseller of Marmoset software.

May I receive a price quote?

Absolutely, Please contact us at with your licensing request, and we’ll be glad to prepare one for you right away.

Version History

Download the latest release here.

Version 308 | July 1st, 2019

See the release notes here.


  • Substance file format has been updated to the latest version.
  • Value outputs are now supported in Substance files.
  • Meshes that do not match naming conventions are now ignored in the Quick Loader.
  • The ACES tone mapper is now supported in Viewer.
  • A Ray Distance setting has been added for Bent Normals.

Python Improvements:

  • Exposed searchDistance parameter with BakedNormalBakerMap and AOBakerMap.
  • Position maps are now accessible via Python.

Misc Bug Fixes:

  • Substance files should no longer crash on Mac
  • Modifying meshes or materials should no longer crash on auto-reload.
  • Skew and Offset maps are now retained on auto-reload.
  • Bent Normal map direction baking is now more accurate.
  • Meshes that do not match Quick Loader naming conventions no longer crash on auto-reload.
  • Omni and Spot lights now produce more consistent blurred shadows with lighting map bakes.
  • OBJ files from ZBrush no longer have incorrect emissive material properties.
  • FBX materials no longer import with unnecessary emissive or alpha shaders.
  • Alpha slider values now register when exporting glTF files.
  • Texture Tiling values now export correctly with glTF files.
  • Resolved a crash when undoing transform changes for certain animated files.

Version 307 | April 9th, 2019

See the release notes here.

Python Improvements:

  • New hooks for periodic and “on focus” callbacks, making live updates much easier to author.
  • Toolbag can now hide the main menu when launched from the command line (-hide option).
  • Resolved a Python crash when using BakerObject.getTextureSetCount().
  • Support for file type filters in file save and open dialogs.
  • Python scripts now accept arguments in sys.argv when Toolbag is launched from the command line.
  • PyBakerObject.getTextureSetCount and getAllMaps should now work correctly in all cases.


  • Updated the Substance file format library to the latest version.
  • The default material now uses a Metalness value of 0.

Baker Fixes:

  • Tangent Space setting in baker now shows up correctly on file load.
  • Baker no longer exports extra files when Multi-Layer PSD is enabled.
  • The Scene list state is now maintained when reloading meshes with the Quick Loader.
  • Material assignments are now maintained when reloading meshes with the Quick Loader.
  • Fixed a crash when importing meshes via Quick Loader with the Import Full Scene Hierarchy option enabled.
  • The Specular value in Adv. Metalness now matches other shading models.

Bug Fixes:

  • Texture-less Metalness values are now handled correctly with glTF exporter.
  • Resolved an issue with incorrect vertex colors due to multiple vertex color layers in FBX.
  • Sky transforms are now handled correctly when parented to a Camera.
  • Resolved a crash with invalid STL meshes.
  • Text field controls now display long strings properly.

Version 306 | January 15th, 2019

Feature Additions:

  • Ray Search Distance setting for Ambient Occlusion maps
  • BMP files now support indexed color and grayscale formats
  • Added Python bindings for Position Map, Height Map
  • Added “texture” as an option mirror to “merge” when getting/setting subroutines in Python

Bug Fixes:

  • Auto-reloading while mesh file is being written no longer causes mesh references to be lost in the Quick Loader.
  • Curvature maps now render correctly with 3DS Max Tangent Space
  • Preview material now works correctly with Albedo (Metalness) output
  • Baker no longer crashes when trying to bake empty meshes
  • Ambient Occlusion artifacts resolved for certain meshes
  • Material values are now handled better from OBJ and FBX files
  • Fix Mirrored Tangents setting has been removed from animated meshes (this setting is not compatible with rigged meshes)
  • SBSAR inputs are now handled better
  • Fixed Local Reflections artifacts being rendered into the alpha channel of transparent images
  • Solved an issue where the camera axis would flip at the poles

Version 305 | September 27th, 2018

See the release notes here.

Feature Additions:

  • Improved cage offset algorithm, the cage should not collapse on itself with complex geometry such as picatinny rails.
  • Custom cage support, works via UV matching, non-matching geometry is supported. Custom cages can be used with the _cage naming convention in the quick loader.
  • 64x sampling option for better anti-aliasing.
  • All map types are now multi-sampled, including material ID, material property outputs and wireframe.
  • Wireframe line and vertex thickness options added.
  • Vertex color alpha output is now supported.
  • Lost quick loader file references create a prompt to replace the file. This should resolve auto-reload problems when transferring files between team members or when the original file has been moved.
  • Bake groups are now sorted alphabetically.
  • When a new Baker object is created, The Master Tangent Space now uses the Default Tangent Space defined in preferences.
  • A new master Tangent Space setting (Per Mesh), has been added to the Baker which allows the user to define the tangent space for each mesh.
  • Diffuse, Specular and Complete Lighting outputs are now rendered in sRGB.
  • Normalization option added for Position map output.
  • New microsurface shaders: Roughness, and Advanced Microsurface. The Metalness / Roughness workflow is enabled by default for new materials as well.
  • Fix Mirror Tangents mesh and baker option. This splits vertices along mirror seams which should alleviate mirrored UV related baking artifacts with certain tangent spaces.
  • Texture inputs are now retained when changing shading models. For instance, when swapping from Gloss to Roughness.

Bug Fixes:

  • Skew maps are correctly initialized now.
  • When using Texture Sets and Multi-layered PSD export each set now saves a unique PSD.
  • Low to low normal map baking artifacts have been resolved.
  • PNG files no longer export alpha content.
  • Bitmap file type removed from output list (BMP writing is not supported).
  • File format/bit depth combinations now provide an error when unsupported type is selected (ie: 16 bit TGA).
  • Normal maps are now correctly transformed when using low poly meshes as the high poly. This should resolve low -> low baking issues.
  • Object IDs should retain colors when meshes are reloaded.
  • Estimate Offset works again.
  • Removing quick loader file references is more stable now. For instance, removing one of many should no longer remove others.
  • Light baking issue with light too close to object is now resolved.
  • Some minor python fixes and additions.
  • MacOS Baker GPU Priority has been adjusted to help prevent crashes when baking AO and other process heavy maps. Go to Edit > Preferences > Baker GPU Priority and set it to Moderate or Responsive if you experience crashes.
  • Camera limits now work with multiple cameras in Viewer.
  • Texture filtering settings now correctly export to Viewer.

Version 304 | April 25th, 2018

See the release notes here.


  • Animation support
  • Stand-alone Viewer application
  • Fog (shadowed!)
  • Refraction shader
  • Shadow catcher object
  • Multiple camera support
  • High DPI support
  • High-res thumbnail option
  • Reduced mview file sizes
  • Reduced memory use
  • Revised UI with configurable map selection and preset loading/saving
  • Many new maps:
    • Cavity/Convexity (these replace the R/G curvature option)
    • Bent normals
    • Thickness
    • Diffuse/specular/complete lighting maps
    • Object, Group and UV masks
    • Alpha (from high poly mesh)
    • Wireframe
    • Albedo (metalness)
    • Roughness
    • Metalness
    • Transparency (from high poly material)
    • Emissive
  • Texture set support
  • AO dithering for better quality bakes
  • AO per-group Ignore Groups exclusion setting for moving parts
  • High poly normal map detail now bakes to normals output
  • Master tangent space setting
  • Skew/offset map resolution setting
  • Cage opacity setting
  • More image file formats (PNG, TGA, etc) are now available from save dialog
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Cascading shadow maps for directional lights
  • Improved shadow coverage and reduced shadow artifacts
  • Ludicrous shadow resolution setting
Image Quality Improvements
  • Shadowed fog
  • DOF now has smoother transitions
  • DOF resolution discrepancies significantly improved, viewport now matches captured images
  • Bloom is smoother with higher size values
  • Animated meshes are now stored in .tbscene file
  • Animation performance is significantly improved in some cases
  • Viewport performance boost button (temporarily turns off expensive effects)
  • glTF exporting
  • Camera near plane setting (helps with large scenes)
  • Updated Substance support
  • 16 bit PNG support
  • 32 bit HDR render support
  • Extended Python support
  • STL model loader
  • Faster material texture loading
  • Many more small improvements and bug fixes!

Version 303 | August 31st, 2017

See the release notes here.
Legacy 3.03 Installers: Windows | Mac

Feature Additions:

  • Mac OS Support!
  • Python Scripting & Plugin support – API reference
  • Improved refraction shader with two-sided refraction option
  • Added “Uniform” sampling mode for AO bakes

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated substance support for newer file versions
  • Improved normal map baking quality significantly for 3DS Max and Mikk tangent spaces
  • Mesh reload now respects tangent spaces properly
  • Various fixes to texture visibility UI in materials
  • Fix for major baking artifacts / missing triangles with some meshes
  • Modest bake speedup for AO, about 5%
  • Decent improvement in baking preparation speed
  • Better behavior with special characters in file paths in more cases
  • Fixed texture naming issue in scene bundle exports
  • Scene outliner now supports dragging objects to end-of-list
  • Additive transparency fix for GI
  • Materials without normal mapping now render with more accurate normals
  • GI and local reflections now work better with perfectly flat geometry
  • Improved color space for videos on Windows 10
  • And many more smaller fixes

Version 302 | February 14th, 2017

See the release notes here.
Legacy 3.02 Installers: Windows | Mac

Feature Additions:

  • Material Animation!
  • Refraction Shader!
  • Smart texture loading, drag textures onto palette to create new material, or onto existing material to load
  • Baker “Smooth Filter” option for geometry smoothing
  • EXR file output for screenshots and animation
  • Show/hide toggle buttons for high/low baker objects
  • New lights are now auto-placed in camera direction
  • Color-over-time display for RGB keyframes

Bug Fixes:

  • Many baker fixes:
    • Baker auto reloads now retain all settings
    • Cage vertex offset directions are now better
    • Texture tiling support for material bakes
    • Cage offset is now consistent with display
    • Improved smart-load suffix & name matching
    • Baker viewport preview now works with wireframes
  • Improved tablet support, if you’re having issues with your tablet try the Tablet-Friendly Input setting in Edit-> Preferences
  • Various stability fixes
  • Animation Property view display has been tweaked
  • Animation fixes for object transforms
  • Scenes with > 32 lights now display (more) correctly
  • Improved Local Reflections to omit background image correctly
  • Viewer preview option now more reliable
  • Better support for writing more compatible layered PSD files
  • Support for ArtStation pro file size limits
  • Better scaled UI appearance
  • Drag & drop now works with scaled UI
  • Better functioning progress bar for long jobs

Version 301 | December 8th, 2016

Legacy 3.01 Installers: Windows | Mac

Feature Additions:

  • Vertex color baking!
  • Voxel Resolution settings for adjusting GI quality/speed

Bug Fixes:

  • Faster Global Illumination!
  • Stability & speed improvements for baking large meshes!
  • Faster mesh prep for baking
  • Baker now uses less VRAM in some cases
  • Fixed padding width for baker to be faster & more consistent
  • Cavity maps now render correctly again
  • Mesh rotation fixed for certain cases in FBX loader
  • Video export now works with special characters in file paths
  • Special characters are now better supported in mview export
  • Vertex color shader now uses sRGB color by default

Version 300 | November 25th, 2016

Toolbag 3 initial launch, woohoo!
Legacy 3.00 Installers: Windows | Mac

Feature Additions:

  • Animation support and keyframe editor
  • Global illumination
  • Baking
  • New skin shader
  • Refreshed UI
  • ArtStation export
  • Unity Package export
  • Unreal Engine import plugin
  • Mesh export
  • Scene bundle
  • Custom shaders
  • Command window and scripting
  • Shadow caster object
  • Camera backdrop object
  • Turntable object
  • Tiling texture options
  • Improved local reflections
  • Safe frame
  • Scale reference
  • Video export
  • Viewer preview
  • 100x and 400x sampling
  • Resource locator (for lost textures and meshes)
  • Material groups
  • Material thumbnail size slider
  • Example scenes (Help -> Example Scenes)
  • New skies
  • Performance improvements
  • Many other tweaks and bug fixes

Version 208 | August 5th, 2015

Legacy 2.08 Installers: Windows | Mac

Feature Additions:

  • Automatic mesh reloading
  • Volumetric fog
  • Camera constraint settings for Viewer export
  • Lights and cameras now import from FBX files
  • Selectable UV set for emissive shader

Viewer Feature Additions:

  • Camera Constraints
  • AO map support
  • Lossless normal map option
  • Texture wrapping and filtering options now export
  • Additive blending background tint now supported

Bug Fixes:

  • Tooltip corrections
  • FBX transform and pivot fixes
  • Improved compatibility for loading of TIFF files
  • Fix for duplicated camera/object conflict
  • Film grain behaves better with 2x viewport resolution
  • sRGB option now works for 16bpc images
  • “Use Filtering” texture option now overrides anisotropic filtering
  • Windows retain their positions during app minimization
  • Fix for improper object naming when duplicated while renaming

Version 207 | May 29th, 2015

Feature Additions:

  • Export to Marmoset Viewer!
  • Material ID import! Apply multiple materials to a single mesh
  • Unity tangent space support
  • Filmic/Hejl tone mapping
  • Contextual help in the form of tool tips
  • Template scene feature for custom creation of new scenes
  • Template material feature for custom creation of new materials
  • Object locking via the outliner
  • New “Material” menu with added options for organizing materials
  • UI and compatibility improvements for Allegorithmic Substance files
  • PLY mesh import
  • Explicit texture input option for transparency/alpha maps
  • Advanced metalness shader
  • Greatly improved TIFF support for 16bpc, HDR, and more
  • Texture toggle for quick hiding of texture inputs
  • Channel selector for specular map & others
  • Outliner selection can now be moved and expanded with arrow keys
  • “Home” button in sky browser
  • Outliner now expands to show viewport selections
  • Sky browser now display directories as clickable icons
  • App window dimensions now saved between sessions
  • Button hover effect
  • Customizable default path for sky browser
  • Better performance on some laptops with multiple GPUs
  • Added a mask control to Newton’s rings shader
  • Faster texture loading
  • Indexed color TGAs are now supported

Bug Fixes:

  • Returning from full screen now behaves better with window position & size
  • FBX sub-objects are now positioned correctly in more cases
  • Transform decay under parent rotation/scale now fixed
  • Additional non-English characters can now be properly typed into text fields
  • Materials now properly sorted by name at all times
  • Fixed texture inspector crashes in obscure cases
  • Corrupt or invalid TGA files no longer crash the loader
  • Frame selection now performs properly on more objects
  • Area lights no longer cause division by zero in some cases
  • Light objects are now more clearly visible in otherwise empty scenes
  • UI elements like cameras and lights no longer interact with DOF focus selection
  • Improved wireframe display for some tessellated meshes
  • Mesh highlight no longer flickers constantly during undo
  • Long object names now clip properly in the outline view
  • D3D-style alt+enter override should now be properly disabled; use ctrl+enter instead.

Version 206 Hotfix | October 30th, 2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Made skin shader compatible with 2.05 (and earlier) subdermis maps again
  • Added “Skin Mask” to Subdermis Map alpha. Mask fades between “Lambert” and “Skin” diffusion models, should be a black or white value.
  • “Skin Mask” affects shadow blur and normal smoothing properly
  • Proper bounds now set for area light shadows

Version 206 | October 27th, 2014

Feature Additions:

  • Area Lights
  • Color Curves
  • Lens Distortion & Chromatic Aberration
  • Lens Flares
  • Scale Tool!
  • Glass Preset Material
  • Random sky now chosen for new scenes

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved GGX quality & accuracy
  • Large scene files (> 2 GB) are now supported
  • Light & camera guides now only display for selected objects
  • Improved behavior for framing selections with different FOV settings
  • Shadows now cast properly from meshes without back face culling
  • SSAO now takes aspect ratio into account properly
  • Substance file paths now support spaces
  • UI guide line width now behaves at all FOV settings
  • Fixed redundant loading of data for faster boot
  • Subdermis map/scatter value now mask normal smoothing and shadow blur in the skin shader

Version 205 | July 16th, 2014

Feature Additions:

  • GGX reflection module!
  • World/Local setting for transform widget
  • Recent files menu
  • Scene scale and unit settings
  • Extinction coefficient for increased IOR science
  • Cavity/Curvature map support for Substance materials
  • 3D monitor stereo mode

Bug Fixes:

  • Greatly improved rendering for Mikk / xNormal tangent space! Finally!
  • Mikk / xNormal tangent space generation is no longer painfully slow
  • Improved rendering for tangent spaces loaded from FBX files
  • Better checks for degenerate triangles & tangent space on import
  • Major reduction in memory use for Undo states and general use, particularly with large meshes
  • Local reflections now work properly with dynamic lights & sky brightness
  • Parallax mapping now works properly with 3DS Max tangent space
  • “Prompt for Unsaved Changes” now optional, and prompts more accurately
  • Improved move behavior with transform widget
  • Fixed transform widget distortion on certain meshes (requires mesh re-import)
  • Improved TGA loading support, notably compressed grayscale
  • Improved HDR loading support, notably older .hdr file revisions
  • Fixed diffuse lighting when no reflection module present
  • Changed mousewheel back to dolly forward/back instead of zoom in/out
  • Object property drawers now remember open/close state
  • Better Microsoft Windows version/app info

Version 204 | May 5th, 2014

Feature Additions:

  • Sky browser with thumbnail previews
  • New modes for sky backdrop rendering
  • Camera are now fully transformable & selectable objects
  • “WASD” camera controls
  • Improved camera speed control
  • Mesh selection highlight
  • Improved local reflection quality; reduces smearing and other artifacts
  • Vertex color support for albedo and ambient occlusion
  • Zbrush Polypaint support through OBJ files
  • Greatly improved PSD and HDR loading speed
  • Shader build caching for faster application boot, scene load, and general editing
  • Improved efficiency & responsiveness with custom cube maps
  • Copy & paste for text entry
  • Tab & shift+tab to cycle through text boxes
  • Improved UI graphics for lights
  • Interface appearance tweaks
  • Retina display support for Mac

Bug Fixes:

  • Mesh & textures no longer disappear after open dialogs on Mac
  • Scene rotation turntable export now has correct sky orientation
  • Wacom tablet input now works properly
  • Local reflections no longer cause transparency artifacts in exported screenshots
  • Fixed minor light bleed effect in Blinn-Phong shading
  • More robust metalness support for substance archives
  • Now possible to replace substance outputs with custom textures
  • Tangent space selection for meshes is no longer lost on scene load
  • Spaces are now supported in the screenshot output folder path
  • Trackpad input responsiveness improved on many machines, notably Mac
  • Arrow keys now work on Mac
  • Skybox preview image in light editor is no longer backwards
  • Light icons now display properly when temporal anti-aliasing is enabled
  • Meshes without vertices no longer crash during FBX load

Version 203 | February 20th, 2014

Feature Additions:

  • Dota 2 Shaders!
  • Gloss Map “Horizon Smoothing” setting
  • Index of Refraction (IOR) reflectivity mode, w/ global “Ambient Refractive Index” render setting
  • Drag and Drop image import for skybox content
  • Texture preview channel selector
  • “Authorize for all Users” option for licensing login in Windows

Bug Fixes:

  • Substance support does a better job of assigning outputs
  • Substance support now includes size and seed parameters
  • Resolved many visual glitches with tessellation
  • Improved wireframe consistency, memory use, and appearance
  • 3DS and DAE model files now import correctly
  • Improved fullscreen support for Mac
  • Skybox import crash for certain DDS files
  • Sky rotation no longer “jumps” when turntables are enabled
  • Sky child light brightness now behaves correctly in all cases
  • Friendlier menu/submenu selection behavior
  • Object group creation no longer hangs in certain situations
  • Mesh rotation UI no longer reads zeros at inappropriate times
  • Title bar filename display now remains when saving a new scene
  • OBJ import fixes, resolving some crashes and missing geometry
  • Very long and very short object names are handled better in the outline now
  • Tangent space setting for meshes now has a ‘none selected’ behavior for model files that contained a custom tangent space

Version 202 | December 19th, 2013

Feature Additions:

  • Object duplication (Ctrl+D)
  • Viewport icons are now smaller and hideable (Ctrl+U)
  • Shadow caster toggle for meshes
  • Mesh info display
  • Tangent-space option for vector displacement maps
  • Improved material preview sphere
  • Faster compressed TGA loading (about 4x)
  • Additional post effect presets
  • Window title now shows active file name
  • Tutorials & links now under “Help” menu
  • Credits window

Bug Fixes:

  • Vector displacement no longer distorts under rotation
  • Resolved “black box” artifacts on some imported meshes
  • OBJ loader fix for high precision values
  • sRGB color space now used properly for LDR sky images
  • No more crashing when parenting an object under itself
  • Contact refinement no longer runs unless shadows are enabled
  • New scenes now properly reset sky settings
  • Improved licensing behavior with proxies in Windows
  • Mac .tbscene file association now works better
  • Space bar now works on Mac 😛
  • Watermark tweaks

Version 201 | December 10th, 2013

Feature Additions:

  • Two-sided rendering – disable ‘Cull Back Faces’ per mesh

Bug Fixes:

  • Driver reset / crash no longer occurs on older Nvidia cards
  • Z-fighting glitches reduced
  • Texture options window crash fixed
  • Sky light editor crash fixed
  • Licensing glitches
  • Mac installer errors

Version 200 | December 5th, 2013

  • Toolbag 2 Initial release