100+ New Assets Available

We’re proud to announce that Toolbag 4’s Library just received its first update packed with a bunch of new assets. Over 100 new Smart Materials, Materials, and Textures are now available to download from the Library, free for all Toolbag 4 users.

The Library’s collection of assets is evergrowing, so we’ll be adding fresh batches of content from time to time. In addition, some existing Smart Materials have been updated for consistent quality with newly added materials. Click on the thumbnails in each section below to see previews and learn how to download the new assets from your Toolbag client. 

Smart Materials

We’ve expanded the Library’s collection of Smart Materials with 50 additions of various material types: ceramic, fabric, metal, paint, plastic, stone, and wood. Smart Materials enable you to explore different surface styles with configurable, layered wear and tear that conforms to your 3D model. Apply Smart Materials to your Texture Project to get a head start on the asset creation process.

New Smart Materials Added
Updated Smart Materials
Total Smart Materials Available


This update brings 57 brand new Materials ranging from paint, paper, plastic, stone, vegetation, and transparent categories. Materials can be used for layering and 3D painting in texture projects as well as quick asset visualization.

New Materials Added
Total Materials Available


We’ve added 11 new Grunge Maps to help you create complex weathering on your assets. These grunge maps include dents, brushed detail, scratches, and wrinkles.

New Textures Added
Total Textures Available

How to Download

New Assets

New assets available will automatically appear in your Library window with a cloud icon overlay. To download:

  1. Open Toolbag 4
  2. Choose Window -> Library from the menu bar (Shift+Ctrl+L
  3. Toggle the down arrow icon along the bottom of the Library window to view all assets available to download.
  4. Double-click an asset to download, or select multiple assets and click the download icon next to the search bar.

Updated Assets

Some existing assets have been updated for quality consistency and will have to be deleted and redownloaded. To update an asset: 

  1. Select an asset with an available update (listed below)
  2. Click the trash icon on the top right of the Library window to remove your local copy
  3. Double-click the asset to download the updated version

New & Updated Assets

Note: assets in bold are existing assets with an updated version now available.


  • Paint

  • Iron Painted Rough

  • Paint Blistered

  • Paint Damp

  • Paint Flaked

  • Paint Gun Metal

  • Paint Metal Spots

  • Paint Stained Leaks

  • Paint Stains Scratched

  • Paper

  • Paper Toilet

  • Paper Toilet Quilted

  • Wallpaper Damask

  • Wallpaper Damask Flocked

  • Wallpaper Fabric

  • Plastic-Rubber

  • Bakelite

  • Bakelite Marbled

  • Composite Wood

  • Grip Bubbles

  • Grip Hammered

  • Grip Knurled

  • Grip Sprinkles

  • Grip Textured

  • Plastic Bag Wrinkled

  • Plastic Bumpy

  • Plastic Burnt

  • Plastic Faded

  • Plastic Old

  • Plastic Rough Pattern

  • Plastic Scratched

  • Plastic Stained

  • Plastic Worn

  • Polymer Grainy

  • Stone

  • Marble Old

  • Marble Old Chipped

  • Obsidian

  • Quartz

  • Transparent

  • Amber

  • Amber Cracked

  • Glass Colored

  • Glass Old

  • Ice Cloudy

  • Ice Frost

  • Oil

  • Oil Bubbles

  • Plastic Wrap

  • Vegetation

  • Moss Baby Tooth

  • Moss Hypnum

  • Moss Pillow

  • Moss Rigid Beard

  • Moss Tamarisk

  • Fabric

  • Cotton Stripes

  • Jersey Sport

  • Knit Cable

  • Knit Cable Basket

  • Knit Cable Chain

  • Knit Cable Chevron

  • Knit Cable Honeycomb

  • Knit Double

Smart Materials

  • Ceramic

  • Ceramic Glazed

  • Fabric

  • Leather Aged

  • Leather Worn

  • Tarp Dirty

  • Tarp Worn

  • Metal

  • Aluminum Matte

  • Aluminum Matte Rusted

  • Anodized Scratched

  • Brass Antique

  • Brass Patina

  • Bronze Antique

  • Bronze Scratched

  • Chrome Rusted

  • Copper Aged

  • Copper Patina

  • Iron Corroded

  • Nickel Flaked

  • Nickel Scratched

  • Phosphate

  • Phosphate Brushed

  • Phosphate Marked

  • Rust Heavy

  • Rust Scratched

  • Silver Aged

  • Steel Bare

  • Steel Blue Brushed

  • Steel Blue Machined

  • Steel Blue Pocked

  • Steel Blue Rubbed

  • Steel Blue Scraped

  • Steel Leaky

  • Steel Paint Splatters

  • Paint

  • Paint Rusted

  • Paint Rusted Splotches

  • Plastic-Rubber

  • Bakelite Scratched

  • Bakelite Scuffed

  • Plastic Aged

  • Plastic Burnt

  • Plastic Damaged

  • Plastic Dirty

  • Plastic Wrinkled

  • Plastic Wrinkled Dirty

  • Polymer Grainy

  • Rubber Coating Metal

  • Rubber Coating Scratched

  • Rubber Coating Worn

  • Rubber Worn

  • Stone

  • Stone Boulder

  • Wood

  • Wood Aged

  • Wood Dirty

  • Wood Scuffed


  • Grunge Maps

  • Brushed

  • Brushed Dirty

  • Dents Cloudy

  • Dents Small

  • Dents Small Fabric

  • Scratched Scuffed

  • Scratched Scuffed Small

  • Wrinkles

  • Wrinkles Flowing

  • Dots Cloudy

  • Marble