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Introducing Hexels 3

The 3rd generation in tools for grid-based vector art, pixel art, design & animation

Hexels is a creative suite for grid-based painting, animation, and design. The Hexels canvas is a paintable grid of geometric shapes that lets artists create complex designs with the stroke of a brush. It is a new kind of vector workflow, a friendly playground for the beginning artist, and a versatile tool in the hands of a professional.


Featured art by Mira Karouta & etall

Hexels pairs digital art tools with a unique geometric grid: a discrete and tessellating mosaic. This grid combines the feel of free-form painting with the crisp precision of vector art. Lay down bold colors at broad angles. Paint with geometry.


Featured art by Thomas LonsdaleCharred & Jen Maynulet

The grid-based workflow in Hexels is a natural fit for the forward-thinking pixel artist. Make full use of the same great drawing tools. Keep track of colors and gradients with the palette. Set your canvas in motion with the animation timeline. Export a sprite sheet for every princess in every castle.


Featured art by Will Wantz & etall

For the craftsman looking to build worlds, Hexels provides a set of grids and guides for drafting all forms of isometric art. Raise walls, carve mountains, bend perspective to your will and build impossible wonders.


Featured art by Mark Knight

Pixels and Trixels living in harmony! Hexels lets you combine layers of vector and pixel art on the same canvas. Complement angular Hexel art with soft, sweeping brushwork. Carve pixel-perfect trim into isometric art. Block out whole cities in vector form, then dive in for the details.


Featured art by Mark Knight

Hexels gives you full control over the vector-to-pixel rendering process. Advanced rasterization tools provide vector alignment, pixel-perfect isometric art, pixel scaling, and antialiasing at any export resolution. And because Hexels renders everything on the GPU, you’ll see a pixel-perfect preview on the canvas as you paint.


Featured art by Mark Knight

Build a world and bring it to life with the Hexels animation timeline. Breathe subtle motion into a still image with post effects and motion curves. Send shapes and colors twirling with layer transforms. Or tell a hand-drawn tale with a simple flipbook animation.


Hexels is the perfect tool for exploring tiling designs and geometries. Paint tessellating patterns on an endless canvas. Explore advanced grid types like Voronoi. Draft your own grids with a powerful custom grid designer. Whether you are creating textiles or laying out an elaborate mosaic, Hexels can help.


Featured art by Will Wantz, Mark Knight & Ed Clews

Hexels is a versatile tool for the graphic artist working with multiple applications, at a print-ready resolution. Assemble your canvas out of existing images and animations. Keep organized with layers, masks and groups. Add a pinch of procedural with a library of real-time post effects and shaders. Then export an SVG or layered PSD of your canvas for final touch-ups elsewhere.


Licensing & Purchase Info

One for All!

Hexels 3 licenses are universal; each and every seat is authorized for non-commercial and commercial use by everyone.

Upgrading Hexels 2

If you own a license of Hexels 2, Hexels 3 is a free upgrade! Updating to version 3 is as easy as any other point release.

Standalone License

If you own a standalone Hexels 2 license, your Marmoset ID will also activate Hexels 3. If installed, run Hexels 2 and follow the auto-updating prompt to install the latest version: Hexels 3. You can also download the Hexels 3 installer from our website and activate it with the same Marmoset ID.

Steam License

If you own a Steam license of Hexels 2, Steam will update it to Hexels 3 automatically. If you have disabled Steam auto-updates, delete your local installation of Hexels 2 and reinstall manually. Steam will download and install the latest version: Hexels 3.

What is my “Marmoset ID”?

Marmoset’s software utilizes the end user’s email address as their Marmoset ID. No passwords or license keys are required, simply log into the software with your ID to get yourself up and running!

License Activation

Standard Installation

Once your order is complete and you’ve received your order confirmation email, run Hexels 3 and log in on the welcome screen using your Marmoset ID.

Installation from Disc Image

Run Hexels 3 on the imaged drive, then activate your license on that machine by logging into Hexels using your Marmoset ID and with the activation option “Authorize everyone on this computer” enabled. Once that image is deployed, this setting will make sure multiple user accounts per machine are authorized for use, and no manual activation is needed per client, per user account.

Licensing Terms

All Marmoset software and asset packs are subject to the usage terms and conditions specified in the End User License Agreement (EULA) included with each product download. Generally speaking these agreements don’t contain anything surprising, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Support Terms

All Marmoset customers receive complimentary email support for both trial and paid licenses. If you have any questions, feedback, or recommendations, we want to hear from you at Marmosets don’t bite (usually).

Volume Discounts

All multi-seat license purchases are eligible for volume discounts. These discounts will be automatically applied to your order once you ‘Add to Cart’ and adjust the item to the appropriate quantity.

  • 3-5 seats: 5% off
  • 6-10 seats: 10% off
  • 11-15 seats: 15% off
  • 16-20 seats: 18% off
  • 21-29 seats: 20% off
  • 30+ seats: 25% off

Are wire payments available?

Yes, but we ask that any purchases under $1,000 USD be placed online through our standard web checkout. If your institution or client requires offline payment, please provide a purchase order for the necessary licensing, sent to We’ll be glad to follow-up with an invoice for payment.

May I gift a license?

Absolutely! Proceed through our web checkout entering your billing information as usual, and enter the license recipient’s name and email address in the appropriate “Marmoset ID” boxes. This will assign the license to the appropriate end user, while delivering the email receipt only to you.

Do you work with resellers?

If you are a reseller looking to purchase on behalf of a client, please proceed through our web checkout and assign the licenses to the appropriate end user by entering their name and email address in the “Marmoset ID” boxes on the checkout page. All license information and receipts will be delivered only to the purchaser. You may then pass along the necessary download links and licensing details to the client.

For customers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, feel free to contact Meshmellow LTD ( as an authorized reseller of Marmoset software.

May I receive a price quote?

Absolutely, Please contact us at with your licensing request, and we’ll be glad to prepare one for you right away.

Additional Questions?

Please contact us at


Full Feature List


  • Vector & Pixel modes
  • Live pixelation preview
  • Antialiasing
  • HDR glow
  • Transparent Backgrounds
  • Premultiplied alpha

Grids & Shapes

  • Trixels
  • Hexels Classic
  • Squares
  • Voronoi
  • Custom grids & presets

Trixel Aspect Ratios

  • Equilateral (1:1.15 pixel step)
  • Isometric (1:2 pixel step)
  • Isometric Wide (1:3 pixel step)
  • Exels (1:1 pixel step)
  • Custom aspect, custom pixel alignment

Vector Mode

  • Canvas has infinite resolution
  • Dimensions in hexel units
  • Frame & export pixel images at any size

Pixel Mode

  • Canvas has fixed-size pixels
  • Dimensions in pixel units
  • Live preview of all export settings

Proof & Preview

  • Export resolution
  • Vector alignment
  • Pixel scaling
  • Antialiasing

Pixel Formats

  • PNG
  • Layered PSD

Animation Formats

  • GIF
  • Animated PNG
  • Spritesheet

Vector Formats

  • SVG
  • XML
  • CSV


  • Brush Tool
  • Line Tool
  • Outline Brush, Fill, Erase & Fill-Erase
  • Fill, Noise & Gradient Tools
  • Color & Half-Color Dropper

  • Selection Brush
  • Selection Marquee & Magic Wand
  • Selection Transform Tools
  • Layer Transform Tools
  • Frame Tool

Pixel Brushes

  • Hard & soft brushes
  • Flow & opacity-based brushes
  • Tablet pen pressure dynamics
    • Brush Size
    • Flow/opacity
    • Two-Color & more!


  • Auto-fills as you paint
  • Click & drag gradients
  • RGB & HSV gradient blending


  • Images as overlays for shapes
  • Texture Mapping Tools
  • Texture Scale & Tiling
  • Compositing & Blending


    • Library of glow shapes
    • Custom glow textures
    • Per-layer glow settings
    • Animating glow settings


      • Click-and-drag animation timeline
      • Layered, frame-based animation
      • Keyframed glow & layer properties
      • Keyframed post effect properties
      • Tweening/easing curves
      • Export tweening & frame rate controls
      • Approach-last & looping modes
      • GIF & spritesheet import


      • Hexel & pixel Layers
      • Adjustment layers
      • Layer & clipping masks
      • Groups
      • Rasterize hexel layers into pixels
      • Hexelize pixel layers into hexels
      • Drag-and-drop image import

      Layer Properties

      • Blend modes
      • Post effects
      • Layer wrapping (tiling)
      • Grid width & color
      • Glow strength & masking
      • Halftone mode

      Post Effects

      • Sharpen
      • Smear
      • Blur
      • Blob
      • Curves
      • Curves Pro
      • Gradient
      • Dither Gradient
      • Drop Shadow
      • Fade to Black

      • Hue/Saturation
      • Linear Blur
      • Motion Blur
      • Radial Blur
      • Perlin Noise
      • Distortion
      • CRT
      • Film Grain
      • Chromatic Aberration
      • Thermal Distortion

      Blend Modes

      • Additive
      • Dissolve
      • Multiply
      • Subtractive
      • Dither

      Shaders & Effects

      • Shader-powered post effects & blend modes
      • Live & non-destructive
      • Animatable
      • Extendable with a GLSL shader API


      • Scripting API
      • Batch processing API
      • If Hexels can do it, you can script it!


      Visit the Made In Hexels community gallery
      for even more user artwork!

      Marmoset Hexels 3


      – Platform-independent (Mac & PC), perpetual licensing
      – Free point release updates
      – Free email support

      Hexels 2 Users: Hexels 3 is a free update, no additional purchase necessary.

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