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Marmoset Skyshop

Marmoset Skyshop is a comprehensive suite of shaders & tools for HDR image-based lighting in Unity.

Image-Based Lighting for Unity

Marmoset Skyshop is a comprehensive suite of shaders & tools for HDR image-based lighting. Complete with editor tools for importing, converting, and managing panorama backgrounds, Skyshop gives you the ability to bring high-quality natural lighting to your Unity project.

Realistic Light

Skyshop renders with light from images that you supply. This allows for a high degree of realism – objects are lit with all surrounding light in a scene rather than just a handful of point sources. Image-based lighting of this type gives exceptional matching of mood, tone, and contrast to a background image of your choice

Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range rendering is key to quality image-based lighting. Skyshop uses HDR content in a speedy, space-efficient RGBM encoding, allowing its shaders to run with full features on all hardware – from mobile to high-end desktop GPUs. All rendering is done in linear color space with proper sRGB color correction for additional quality and realism.

Shaders Galore

Skyshop provides a full library of optimized Unity shaders for diffuse and specular image-based lighting. Configurable, user-editable ShaderLab source-code is included for:

  • Blinn-Phong & Lambertian shading
  • Gloss maps (per-pixel specular sharpness)
  • Normal, diffuse, and color specular maps
  • Specular fresnel
  • Emmisive/Glow
  • Shadows
  • Light Gels/Cookies
  • Light maps
  • Light probes
  • Transparency & simple glass
  • sRGB color correction & linear color rendering
  • Mobile shaders optimized for iOS

Reach for the Sky

Efficient image-based lighting requires well prepared input data. Marmoset Skyshop includes a full editor extension for importing, processing, and preparing these data for rendering.

Sky Object

These maps are then tied together with a scriptable sky object, which allows for management of multiple skies and programmable assignment of lighting to models. Several example lighting environments are included with Skyshop to help you get started right away.

Seamless Integration

Marmoset Skyshop is fully integrated with Unity’s renderer, and includes shaders to match its image-based lighting to Unity’s dynamic lights and light map baking.

Lightmapping Extended

Skyshop is also bundled with Lightmapping Extended for enhanced control of lightmap creation.


Skyshop is compatible with Unity Free & Pro, versions 3.5 and later, and supports Shader Model 3.0 and newer GPUs for deployment.