Marmoset Toolbag Lunar New Year Sale – Save 20% on All Licenses


To celebrate the beginning of the lunar calendar, we’re giving 20% OFF all new Individual, Studio, and Academic tier licenses for Marmoset Toolbag!

Upgrade your workflow to enjoy the benefits of seamless 3D baking, texturing, and rendering with Toolbag’s intuitive features and free integrated Library with access to hundreds of assets to speed up your workflow. Buy or subscribe now and receive regular software updates, bug fixes, and new Library content!

If you’re gearing up to revamp your portfolio for the coming year, looking to sharpen your 3D production skills and craft stunning, photorealistic artwork, or want to streamline your team’s pipeline with OpenUSD and Python API scripting, this deal is for you!

The sale ends on Friday, February 16th, so act now and don’t miss out on the deal of the year.

Save up to:

  • $63 on an Individual Perpetual license
  • $3/mo* or $34/yr* on an Individual Subscription license
  • $199 per Studio Perpetual license
  • $8/mo* or $94/yr per* Studio Subscription license
  • $24/year per Academic Subscription license

*Discount is applied to the first 12 months only of new subscriptions.

Lunar New Year Sale FAQ

I own Toolbag 3. Is there an upgrade discount for Toolbag 4?2022-07-04T22:24:57-05:00

Choose the discounted “upgrade from v3” product variation and ‘add to cart’. Your email address used at checkout must match the email assigned to your Toolbag 3 license to successfully complete your upgrade purchase. Note: The upgrade option is only a discount; it will not convert or deactivate your legacy v3 license; you may continue to use both v3 and v4 licenses side by side.

Subscription vs Perpetual: Which is right for me?2022-11-21T11:49:32-06:00
  • Perpetual licenses require a one-time fee and grant indefinite access to version 4; all version 4.x updates included free of charge.
  • Subscription licenses are available on a monthly or annual renewal term. A Toolbag subscription has the benefit of being version-independent. As long as you’re an active subscriber you’ll have access to the latest release of Marmoset Toolbag and all available Toolbag Library assets.
When does the sale expire?2024-02-29T08:29:31-06:00

This promotion is valid from Monday, February 12th, through Friday, February 16th 2024; the discount applies to all new license types, and discounts on new subscriptions apply to the first 12 months only.