Marmoset Summer Sale, 20% Off Toolbag 4!


Calling all 3D art freelancers, students, hobbyists, and more!

For five days only, receive a 20% discount on all Individual licenses for Toolbag 4. Now is the perfect chance to dive into the all-in-one 3D experience of interactive baking, real-time texturing and painting, and ray-traced rendering in Toolbag 4. The sale ends on Friday, August 27th, 2021, so grab your license now and don’t miss out.

  • Save up to $59 on Individual Perpetual licenses
  • Save up to $3/mo or $32/year on Individual Subscriptions (discount applies to first 12 months only)

Summer Sale FAQ

I own Toolbag 3. Is there an upgrade discount for Toolbag 4?2022-07-04T22:24:57-05:00

Choose the discounted “upgrade from v3” product variation and ‘add to cart’. Your email address used at checkout must match the email assigned to your Toolbag 3 license to successfully complete your upgrade purchase. Note: The upgrade option is only a discount; it will not convert or deactivate your legacy v3 license; you may continue to use both v3 and v4 licenses side by side.

Subscription vs Perpetual: Which is right for me?2022-11-21T11:49:32-06:00
  • Perpetual licenses require a one-time fee and grant indefinite access to version 4; all version 4.x updates included free of charge.
  • Subscription licenses are available on a monthly or annual renewal term. A Toolbag subscription has the benefit of being version-independent. As long as you’re an active subscriber you’ll have access to the latest release of Marmoset Toolbag and all available Toolbag Library assets.
When does the sale expire?2024-02-29T08:29:31-06:00

This promotion is valid from Monday, February 12th, through Friday, February 16th 2024; the discount applies to all new license types, and discounts on new subscriptions apply to the first 12 months only.