GDC 2015 | Toolbag 2 Artist Showcase | Marmoset

GDC 2015 | Toolbag 2 Artist Showcase

This is the art reel we created to highlight some of the excellent artwork from the Toolbag 2 community. Thanks to each and every one of the world class artists who helped out with this video, your work is the driving force that pushes us to make awesome software.

Artists credits: Adam Fisher, Alexander Stepanchikov, Baj Singh, Ben Garnell, Carlo Andrea Giordano, Eric Ramberg, Wiktor Öhman & various members of Quixel, Georgian Avasilcutei, Henrique Naspolini, Jonathan Kuo, Jose Lázaro, Kai Du, Karen Stanley, Livio Rajh, Marie-Michelle Pepin, Nicolas Garilhe, Shaham Imtiaz, Stephanie Everett, Viviane Herzog, Xavier Coelho-Kostolny