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Dev Spotlight | Hushed Escape

Game artist and designer Benjamin Wahl and programmer Christoph Horinek used Hexels exclusively to create the distinctive look for their voice input based stealth game, Hushed Escape.

You take the lead role of Mira, a young woman escaping from an alien prison on Earth. The blind alien race despise sound and your only way of escaping the prison is to make noise into your microphone to sneak past the guards as quietly as possible.


Benjamin paints backgrounds, characters, and assets using Trixel mode. Animations were created in Hexels as well, and exported as sprite sheets for use in Unity. The cutscene animations will be using the folder of images export feature.


The game is a result of 2017’s Global Game Jam and has flourished into an ongoing project in development. It was nominated for IDGA Austria’s Best Game of the event and was later presented at the Vienna Gamedev Meetup.


The team worked day and night in extremely cold temperatures to meet their goal of creating a playable demo with Hexels and Unity.


Keep tabs on the project via Benjamin’s twitter and try out the first demo here.

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